Tuesday, August 04, 2015

And So It Begins! 1/50

Today, I turned 50!
Yep...the other F word!  Five-Zero...half a century....five decades.

No other birthday has even remotely bothered me,
until this one!
I don't know if it's the empty nest or what, but I can't say I was looking forward to this birthday.
Weird, huh?
And I wouldn't say it's a vanity issue or anything like that!
It just makes me realize how fast time flies!  Is it because I've been having fun?  I mean, you know the old saying, right?
Hmmmm.....I do not know!
I see people in their 20s and 30s going out and living their lives, being adventurous, and really
harnessing their youth, and sometimes I'm a bit envious.
In my mind, I'm still 27.  I say that all the time, and it's true.
Until I see actual 27 year olds launching into their lives with reckless abandon!
Then it's a wake up call!  
I am not 27.
I am Fifty!

I had pondered how to celebrate this day.
Dinner out?
A big bash?
A trip somewhere?
A special gift to myself?
A Tuesday birthday throws a wrench into the big bash.
Dinner out has to be postponed due to work commitments.
Same with the trip.
And I can buy myself something any old time.
And then it came to me.
Why do I have to just celebrate THIS day?
I don't!  
I don't have to choose ONE way to celebrate and I don't have to celebrate only TODAY!

And I don't have to be envious of those 27 year olds that are out there experiencing new things
and trying new endeavors!  Because I can do the same!

So I've decided to do just that!

I'm going to have Fifty New Experiences....
things I have never done before, or at least don't recall!
Not a bucket list!  Because I am no where NEAR ready for a bucket list.
I'm just going to experience fifty new things, over the course of my 50th year!

And of course I'm going to blog about it!
Artsy endeavors I've wanted to tackle!
Places I've never been!
New foods!
New outings!

 I've already done one new thing!
At 12:01 AM this morning, the day of my birth, 
I donned my birthday suit, greeted the moon, and jumped in the pool!
And I'm still laughing about it!
Now I can't say I've never gone skinny dipping!

CAUTION!  Life STARTS at 50! 

Oh this is going to be fun!
I hope you'll come along for the ride during my 50th year!



Tania said...

Love this, Kim! Happy birthday! I wish you much fun and joy in your 50 experiences! I turned 50 in May, no fanfare, no party, just a lovely lunch with close family. After being diagnosed with cancer a year ago, I just had a quiet celebration of still being here! Another friend, who turns 51 today, was so traumatised by the idea of turning 50, couldn't, and still can't bring herself to say the word 'fifty'! I truly hope you have a wonderful birthday and your 50 experiences bring amazing things your way!

blue star stitcher said...

Happy Birthday! I love your idea of trying fifty new things, have fun!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You go girl!

Annie said...

Happy birthday! I turned fifty a couple years ago.
Looking forward to seeing the ne 49 things you come up with;)

Shelly said...

Haha! Good for you! Happy Birthday! I had trouble turning 30 and 50. Hope you'll blog about the 49 other things you'll do.

Robin in Virginia said...

Kim, happy birthday to you! This was such a good post to read this morning. I look forward to reading about the other 49 things you add to your birthday suit swim. Go Kim!

Robin in Virginia

Vera said...

Happy Birthday!! Great way to celebrate Kim -- can't wait to see all you do/see/experience/eat/drink/etc. Will be fun! For me 25 was the hard one to swallow...now I just enjoy each year as they keep getting better and better. Enjoy your year-long celebration!

Gale, Ky quilter said...

I love it! With age comes wisdom and you certainly turned things around! Happy birthday! I will be 55 this year and I, too, have mulled the same things over and over like you did.......and I am going to turn it around just as you have. Thanks for the inspiration! !!!!!!!

Melody said...

I love your attitude! I'm way older than you by (8) years... sigh. But I love the idea of 50 new experiences! I love it that you went skinny dipping on your birthday. Great start to your new year. Happy Birthday!!

Heritage Hall said...

Kim dear ~ Ha! Thank you for the hoot of the day....I remember
when just blowing out the candles on the birthday cake would
have sufficed, but your donning the birthday suit and taking
the plunge in the moonlight may just have started a whole new tradition...
Go to it, adventurous spirit !!!!! Looking forward to coming attractions...

Margaret said...

Kim, you are wonderful! I so need to have your attitude. I tell you, 50 didn't bother me -- 25 did. lol! But I've definitely been feeling the same way you were describing recently -- empty nest and feeling old, etc. I will so enjoy your 50 new things during the year. And maybe you will inspire me to do new things too! I've already done one this year -- London! :D Happy belated birthday!

mac said...

Wow, I didn't know I was that much older than you I've been fifty since May ;-)

Happy Birthday (and, sorry I'm late) !!

Sharrieboberry said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the water felt nice! It's been so warm, it wouldn't be quite the same if it's just like a big bath, right? :) What kind of cake did you have?

Kim said...

Thank you!! I'm looking forward to it as well!

Kim said...

Thanks, Betty!! May as well embrace it!

Kim said...

Thank you, Tania!! I hope things are great with you! I'm in fine company in this Fifty Club!

Kim said...

Thank you, Annie! I am too! The husband is a bit worried though! Teehee!!

Kim said...

Hello, Shelly! Stay tuned! I plan to share the journey with you via the blog!

Kim said...

Thank you, Robin! Should be an exciting year ahead!

Kim said...

Thank you, Vera!! Three days in and it doesn't seem so bad, this 50 thing!

Kim said...

Let's do it, Gayle!! Those youngsters don't have anything on us! ;o)

Kim said...

Thank you, Melody! And 8 years does not constitute "way older"!! xoxo

Kim said...

Thank you! May as well throw caution to the wind!! The husband is a bit concerned about what's next! LOL

Kim said...

Thank you, Margaret! I'm going to embrace being an empty nester and just go for it!!

Kim said...

Well you old fart! Bahahaha! Hope things are going great with you, OLD friend! ;o)

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Thankfully it was somewhat warm!! But refreshing! I had red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!! Yum!