Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Weekending: Dallas Museum of Art

The weekend before last,
the hubs and I set out on a cultural adventure.
It was a hot Saturday, so we figured a trip
in to Dallas would be fun.

Dallas is home to
 the fabulous Dallas Museum of Art.

Did I mention it's fabulous?
And FREE? 
Well, except for a few select exhibits throughout the year.

Trust me....there is PLENTY to see free of charge!

I took a LOT of photos,
some of which you probably saw on Instagram
if you follow me there (kwiltykimknits2).

Photos of many, many extraordinary paintings,
among other things!

But for this post,
I wanted to share the textures
I was drawn to!
 Fabulous woven baskets were in the collection,
as well as this wonderful linen piece!

 This next piece fascinated me!
It was created from resin and beeswax!

 I loved it!

And this...

 Scrunched up and painted chicken wire!
So dimensional.
I really liked it!

 I was mesmerized by this one!

Le Silence by Auguste Preault
It was haunting in a way.  I really loved it.

This is a small portion of a very large embroidered piece
in the museum's collection!

 Stunning needlework!

We loved this glowing front door!

It was quite short though!
I would have had to duck upon each entry in to my house,
if this was my front door!  So, so beautiful though!
From the Robert R Blacker house in Pasadena, CA

And this!

 I love stained glass!
That Louis Comfort Tiffany sure had a handle on his glass artistry!  ;o)

The inlay on this box was nothing short of amazing!

 It was Japanese.

And this!
 Exquisite beading...

 So colorful!

 This is one of a pair of phenomenal mirror image carvings!

I was blown away by the detail, 
and the work that went into these pieces!
The time commitment!  Surely the carver was passionate about creating!

There were many, many, MANY more
pics in my camera roll.
But I think you should plan a trip to the Big D
and see them in person!

Otherwise I have several more photos
in my Instagram feed.

I was so pleased to see alot of young people there.
Made me smile!

It was a great way to spend a hot afternoon.
It felt so good to get in to the city 
and wander thru the museum with lots of like minded folk.

We will definitely return 
and again!




krayolakris said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing these stunning items!

Robin said...

What a fun adventure! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Thanks for the tour -- so many lovely things to ogle! I absolutely love the stained glass. Wow! Everything is wonderful!