Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thrifty Thursday!

Ah...another Thrifty Thursday! 
You don't know how much I love typing those words!
I'm still ever hopeful that I will find my stride with thrifting here in North Texas.  
It's proved to be a bit more difficult to find the "FINDS", even in the small towns.
That said, I did find a couple things this week!!

 For less than what I would have spent on a Triple Venti Latte, (we won't get started on how much I miss having a Starbucks in close proximity.  Nope...we just won't), I brought home these two scores!

 I always look thru the baskets that are inevitably piled up in every G'Willy's from coast to coast.  You might recall I've discovered a few Longabergers for a song!  And while this isn't a Longaberger,
to me it's a little better!  Handwoven egg basket!  or butt basket! 

 I immediately grabbed it off the pile and was proudly carrying it thru the store while I looked at other things.  The hubby looked at me strange, like "what's the big deal".  I said "Are you kidding me!?  It's a handwoven egg basket!?!  LOOK!  Look at the tacks!  Look at the bottom!  Just LOOK!"

 And did you see the cost?  Three bucks!  Seriously?  I'll take it!  It's really lovely,
and I immediately remembered that somewhere in a closet, I have reeds, and t pins, and all the things I need to weave my own.  I really need to dig that stuff out!  

And before we left, I had said I really hoped I would find some cool art pottery like I used to.
Well, the power of suggestion worked!

 Thanks to Jenni, and her foray into pottery making in 2001, I have a new spoon rest!
For a buck.  I had a pottery spoonrest from a prior thrifting adventure, but it somehow never turned up once we moved down to Texas.  Hmmm...not sure where it is.  But now I have another!

 A couple more parting shots of the handwoven loveliness....

 My hope has been restored!  
Thrifty Thursday may actually find it's way back to the blog on a regular basis!  



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great finds--love the basket

krayolakris said...

And the little design on the pottery matches the shape of your new basket! It was meant for you to find them!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great to see Thrifty Thursday! You know, it's sort of reassuring to hear that it's not as easy to find the best things in your new area. Always wondered why they didn't turn up in my local stores. Evidently they're really not EVERYWHERE. <3

Kim said...

Thanks, Betty! I really do too!

Kim said...

I agree, Kris!! Kismet!

Kim said...

I've been sorely missing it, Charlene! Clearly I didn't realize I was living in a thrifting Mecca before!! I'm holding out hope for Texas though!

Beth Aalberts said...

Great finds, but it's kinda too bad they wrote the prices on with ink. Can you get that off?

Barb said...

that is a fantastic basket - great find.

Debbie said...

Thrifty Thursday is my favorite. Great basket.