Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've had some wonderful yardage in my fabric stash for a while now. 
 It's from the Drawn Garden collection by Anna Maria Horner.  
I fell in love with it when I spied this quilt at the 
Dallas Quilt Show last year.  

Lucky for me, I was with Michelle, aka Cozy Egg, who immediately knew who the fabric designer was AND the name of the collection.  Clearly I was out of the loop!  I NEEDED this fabric in my life!
So the hunt was on, and I promptly landed 6 yards or so...ahem.....and it's been adorning a shelf for about a year!  

I've been pulling other fabrics out....pondering a pattern.....changing my mind...pulling out more fabrics....

Trying my old stand by favorite...the humble nine patch, in a couple different combos, 
but it just wasn't singing to me.

I loved the plaid and the burnt orange combo.....
but just couldn't really embrace it fully for whatever reason.  

I did realize that the plaid and orange nine patches 
REALLY prefer to live with this great 
Jo Morton print instead though!

So you'll be seeing that combo again!  
I dove into that repro stash and pulled out this great print from the 
Pennock Family Album collection (Windham Fabrics), 
thinking it might work well as a light print in a block.  
I thought they played nicely together!

 After staring at it off and on for a few days, it finally hit me.  Why do I need to introduce another fabric?
Why not just these two fabrics!  
I knew that I wanted to use the Drawn Garden print in a vertical fashion 
to showcase that long trail of roses.  
And this Windham print also works great vertically!
I was not going to argue with what the fabric was saying to me!  
Simplicity was key!
A column quilt was the answer!

I'm pleased to finally have this one sewn up into a quilt top!  And one that I really, really like!
I can't wait to get it quilted!

Simplicity was the answer!



Margaret said...

I LOVE that fabric!!!! Love love love! Love the nine patches with the Jo Morton fabric too. You have such an eye for putting fabrics together -- I'm totally envious of your talent! Gorgeous work!

Robin said...

Congratulations on putting your column quilt together! It is gorgeous and its simplicity is stunning. Your nine patch blocks look super and I look forward to seeing what you do with them down the road.

Robin in Virginia

Vera said...

Beautiful Kim! As Margaret said, you do have an eye for combining fabrics. I love the column quilt - great idea. I finally finished my lace shawl and am almost finished my first sock - woo-hoo!! Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.

Kim said...

I was wondering what you were up to! And now I know. Good thinking, this is a fun quilt.