Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've had some wonderful yardage in my fabric stash for a while now. 
 It's from the Drawn Garden collection by Anna Maria Horner.  
I fell in love with it when I spied this quilt at the 
Dallas Quilt Show last year.  

Lucky for me, I was with Michelle, aka Cozy Egg, who immediately knew who the fabric designer was AND the name of the collection.  Clearly I was out of the loop!  I NEEDED this fabric in my life!
So the hunt was on, and I promptly landed 6 yards or so...ahem.....and it's been adorning a shelf for about a year!  

I've been pulling other fabrics out....pondering a pattern.....changing my mind...pulling out more fabrics....

Trying my old stand by favorite...the humble nine patch, in a couple different combos, 
but it just wasn't singing to me.

I loved the plaid and the burnt orange combo.....
but just couldn't really embrace it fully for whatever reason.  

I did realize that the plaid and orange nine patches 
REALLY prefer to live with this great 
Jo Morton print instead though!

So you'll be seeing that combo again!  
I dove into that repro stash and pulled out this great print from the 
Pennock Family Album collection (Windham Fabrics), 
thinking it might work well as a light print in a block.  
I thought they played nicely together!

 After staring at it off and on for a few days, it finally hit me.  Why do I need to introduce another fabric?
Why not just these two fabrics!  
I knew that I wanted to use the Drawn Garden print in a vertical fashion 
to showcase that long trail of roses.  
And this Windham print also works great vertically!
I was not going to argue with what the fabric was saying to me!  
Simplicity was key!
A column quilt was the answer!

I'm pleased to finally have this one sewn up into a quilt top!  And one that I really, really like!
I can't wait to get it quilted!

Simplicity was the answer!