Wednesday, May 13, 2015

B I N G O ~ A Vintage Sign Project

My dear friend, Becca, recently built a new home!  Hooray for Becca!
It's a gorgeous abode and I'm so happy for her!
I wanted to make something for her as a housewarming gift,
and a painted sign was on my mind.  
But I wasn't sure exactly WHAT!  I was going to ask her what she thought her "word" was, but I didn't have to.  It came to me in a conversation with her.
Becca likes to say BINGO!  
When we converse and agree, she says "BINGO!"
Since we agree almost all the time, it's a word I hear from her often!  
So of course a BINGO sign was what it had to be!

The hubs is so handy, and happened to have some great boards out in the garage.
I measured out how long I wanted the sign, and he cut it to spec (36" x 7")!
He also rounded off the edges of the board so it was ready to go!

I used just regular craft paint from a big box hobby store,
and did a couple coats to cover the board.

Then I pulled out my handy dandy pack of stencils and drew out the letters!

Becca's home is NICE, so I didn't want something that looked really "crafty", if you know what I mean!
So I measured and marked and measured again.

 Once I was satisfied with the spacing, I started to paint the letters!

I didn't want it to look stenciled, so I painted the letters freehand with a brush,
instead of stenciling them.

Clearly not going for perfection here!

Now.  I'm going to admit that it was looking scary at this point,
and I thought there is no WAY I was going to give this thing to Becca and expect it to hang in her home!
But I trudged on and stuck to my vision!

BriWax to the rescue!
Are you familiar with this brilliant stuff?

 It's magic!  Magic, I tell ya!
I got some sheetrock sander things from that handy husband of mine and set to work!
I rubbed and distressed and sanded and did it again.
and again.
and again.

And after three coats of that glorious, magical BriWax,
it started to all come together!

There!  That's what I was hoping it would end up like!

A timeworn look!

B - I - N - G - O

Now to get over to Becca's new abode and see it in it's new space,
wherever that may be!

All because Becca says BINGO!