Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Answer, My Friend....

is blowing in the wind!  The answer is blowing in the wind!

And so is the pollen!

 This time of the year, lots of people here in North Texas drive vehicles 
with a neon yellow or chartreuse hue!  The pollen coats everything!
When the wind blows, it ends up in puddles on our front porch!

Also blowing in the wind....

My latest quilt top!  I hadn't gotten around to getting pics of this,
and obviously the day I chose to try outside, it was windy!  But oh well.  You get the idea!
I used indigo prints from Minick & Simpson, as well as other Moda blues and a great dark navy pindot.  Miscellaneous shirtings and tans were used, as well as two different alternating fabrics
that were not quite pink.  More of a pinkish red!
It ended up being about 68" x 73".  Perfect for naps or at the foot of a bed.

I opened up a tote and found this yardage for the backing!

A bit unexpected maybe?  There's not a speck of blue in it, 
but I really love this fabric and I think it will be great to have it in it's full glory as a 
quilt back.
I bought this print from the sale shelves about 7 years ago 
here in Texas!  Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth, to be exact, when I was here for a visit.
Finally.....I've found a use for it!

This one I may quilt myself.  
I say that, and then quickly remind myself that the stack of quilts that I plan to quilt myself is getting bigger and bigger.  Maybe I should think about actually DOING THAT one of these days!
I'm certain I'll have a finishing spurt one of these days....
It's been so long since I've turned a quilt binding!  
I need to make it a priority! 

I'll leave you today with a taste of spring blooms!

I do love this time of year!
Blowing pollen and all!



Margaret said...

It's a gorgeous quilt, and I love that backing fabric! Loooove it! We're not even close to pollen time like you're having. Just got our first crocuses in the lawn and are seeing some green shoots coming up -- finally!

Vera said...

Beautiful quilt top and the backing fabric looks perfect! And, no, I will NOT be tempted to start quilting...don't need another hobby...though I'm sure I have more than enough fabric for a quilt - lol. Just beginning pollen season here. I've been sneezing since I got up this a.m.

Beth Aalberts said...

I used to live in some apartments years ago that had tons of sycamore trees and in the spring they would drop pollen like that, everything was coated with yellow. Me and my daughter hated that time of year because our allergies would just almost kill us. I love that quilt and the backing you chose is awesome! I never match my backings to the quilt. I like them that way.

Robin said...

What a great quilt top finish, Kim! I really like the prints you used. Nice use for that backing fabric. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia