Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday!

I didn't find this in a thrift store this week,
but I DID find it on Craigslist!

My first time buying from Craigslist and it was a score for me!
$125 for this 8x10 wool rug!
I found the same rug online for $499 on sale. 
We've got hardwoods and I've been wanting a rug to anchor the room,
pad our feet, and give the dogs some traction.

Lo and behold....
I stumbled upon this beauty.  
Spotless.  Clean.  No wear.
The retired lady of the house decided
to change her entire decorating scheme. 
Out with the traditional and in with the contemporary.

It fits right in with my somewhat eclectic traditional collected look!

I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on Craigslist more often!

Have you scored anything on Craigslist?
I'd love to know!



Vera said...

Awesome find Kim - love it! I haven't found anything (haven't really looked), but my brother sells stuff all the time and a friend swears by Craigslist -- she's gotten 2 or 3 of her 5 (yes 5) looms on Craigslist!

Jeanne said...

Looks great Kim. I'm trying to catch up with all my regular blogs on my list. You've been busy for sure -glad you're still fitting in time to stitch along with your knitting and quilting! So much to do and never enough time.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous rug! My DD once furnished her entire apartment from Craig's list. I don't think she spent more than $100, but I might be wrong on that. You'll have to ask her. :D

Melody said...

What a beautiful rug! Congrats on your excellent find.