Monday, March 09, 2015

Setting Up A Stitching Corner

I recently made an investment in a floor stand
to hold my scroll rods, 
specifically the Millennium frame.

With the wait time undetermined for a stand from Needle Needs,
I did a bit of research and decided to go with a stand that is relatively new on the market!

I opted to go with the Just A Thought Needlework Stand, by Judy Odell!  I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and let me tell you, it didn't take long!  It arrived in short order and was impeccably packed!

Such a beautiful, beautiful work of art.  The wood is exquisite.  So beautiful!  Did I mention it's beautiful?

Assembly was straightforward and simple.  I was giddy when it when was done!

Besides the fact that there wasn't a wait that spans months, I loved that this stand was beautifully finished wood.  And clean lines.  And I love that it can accomodate both small and large frames!
Even qsnaps!

If you're familiar with the Millennium frames, you know they are weighty pieces!
This will work just fine!

Adjustable height, and adjustable reach.  It's just wonderful!
And heavy!
And I have mentioned how beautiful it is?

The craftsmanship is amazing.
Attention to detail is wonderful!
And Judy provides the most wonderful customer service
you can imagine.

The warmth of the wood just really appeals to me!
 Now I find myself setting up a stitching corner!
How exciting!
I also am trying to get used to working at a floor stand.
It takes a bit of getting used to!

I'm currently just using a chair from the kitchen,
with extra support here and there.
I really need to figure out what sort of seating I want for my corner!

Do I want an upholstered dining chair type of seat?
A cushy, comfy chair?
What type of seat do you prefer to sit in while you stitch?
I really want to know!  I'm on a mission to get this corner all set up!

Judy tells me she is working on attachments for this stand.
she's working on table top/lap stand too!
I can't wait for that!  I can see that being very useful, 
especially for retreats and stitching days away from the house!

If you're in the market for a fabulous stand that happens to be a beautiful work of art
and a fine addition to your decor, check out Judy's beautiful piece of furniture!

Now...about that chair....
what type of seating do you use?  



Robin said...

What a gorgeous stand you purchased! I have seen several others rave about this stand in addition to your post, Kim. I sit in my La-Z-Boy recliner when I stitch.

Robin in Virginia

Laurie in Iowa said...

I sit in a very comfy large leather chair while stitching. I stitch in hand. The chair didn't work so well when using my frame... I needed to put a bed pillow behind my back. Tell us what type of chair you find that works well with your frame/stand. I will be using my frame/stand more often in the future and have to find a chair that works.

Pat said...

Dear Happy, Giddy One.....
I'm thrilled for you. It looks beautiful.
Chair....I don't use a frame or hoop for stitching, but I do use a floor frame for hooking big rugs. I'd recommend a nice upholstered chair with no or low arms. When there are no arms you can pull your work into you so you're not stooping over it.
May you have many, many wonderful hours of stitching on your gorgeous new present!

Beth Aalberts said...

Wow that is a really nice set up! You're going to scream, but when I'm quilting I use a nice Bernina chair, but for everything else, i.e. knitting and stitching, I use a padded plastic folding chair that I got from Ikea. I can sit on that stupid thing for hours and it doesn't bother me. I think you nice a nice comfy squishy arm chair.

ladybeans said...

I sit in a lazyboy also. Love the stand. I have sent an email to order one. Out of all your pictures I love your sampler wall! Beautiful work!

Jackie said...

How tall is it Kim? I like to stitch on the couch and wonder if it would be tall enough. I put my feet up on our leather footstool and it looks like I could just pull this stand between my legs. I agree with you that is it beautiful!

Margaret said...

I'm a sucker for beautiful wood products. This stand looks so wonderful! I'm not happy with my current stitching chair, so don't ask me where I sit. lol! I'd like a different one. Like Laurie said, let us know what you decide on. I'm in the market!

Melody said...

I use an overstuffed club type chair. I like a soft spot :) Your new floor stand looks lovely.