Thursday, March 19, 2015

Food For The Soul

There have been all sorts of articles circulating on Facebook and other places, outlining the benefits of knitting!  If you're a knitter, you already know it's good for you!
It's good for your dexterity, as well as your mental health!

It's definitely food for my soul!  

Last week, in commemoration of Pi Day, I decided to cast on a 
Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman!

If you follow me on Instagram, you are aware of my issues with the circular cast on for this baby!  I don't know what the deal was.  
It's laceweight yarn, on size 6 needles.  I started out on DPNs,
and that was the problem.  Floppy yarn, only 9 stitches, things got twisted,
to say the least.

After about 17 times (no exaggeration), I FINALLY had this thing on the needles!
I was making what I thought was great progress.
I had enough stitches on the needles to transfer it from the DPNs to a circular.

So excited for this stage!

And then I saw this....

  What a hot mess this was!
Oh my gosh do you see the mess?
Up there...where the greem marker is.  My circles are off!
Of course this stems from the fact that my CENTER was off!
That blasted circular cast on and the floppy yarn/needle combo did me in AGAIN!
My center isn't round.  I clearly didn't knit an entire round 
before launching into the next set of Yarn Overs!

I'm not going to lie.
I knit another round or two...thinking 
"Oh just leave it, Kim.  This can be a lesson and when you look back you can just chalk it up to it being your first Pi Shawl."

But then sanity caught up to me.
This is supposed to be a zen knit!
An enjoyable mindless knit with a beautiful finished object in the end!

If I keep going,
it will not be zen...I will know it's screwed up.
I will constantly look at the screw up.
I know this about me.
I won't be happy with the process knowing it's flawed in the end.

So you guessed it...

 I ripped that sucker off the needles.
And started again.
And you know what?
After now 18 tries....
I think I've got it!

 My friend, Lori, and I always say we are nothing if not STUBBORN!
And it paid off!

I continued to carefully knit and keep track of what the heck I was doing,
and last night, 
I again did the magical transfer from DPNs to a circular and

 NOW it will be that zen knit I was going for!
The yarn I'm using is a 50/50 wool silk 2 ply laceweight that I purchased from the Skaska booth at last year's DFW Fiberfest.  
It's wonderful!
I need more!
This morning I knit a bit more on it and transferred it to a 40 inch circular
and it's ready for travel!

Travel, you say?

This is DFW Fiberfest 2015 Ten Year Anniversary weekend!!

It's also a Friendiversary as well!  
It was at last year's Fiberfest that I met Lori & Becca for the first time!
We've booked a  hotel,
cleared our schedules,
packed the projects and the handknits.....

and we're heading out today for three great days of laughter, yarn, knitting, yarn, laughter, knitting,
you get the idea!

We'll be seeing The Yarn Harlot! 
AND Franklin Habit as well!

So excited!
Knitting and friends are BOTH food for the soul!
Don't you agree?

Have a great weekend and if you follow me on Instagram (kwiltykimknits2),
I'm sure some of our escapades will be documented in photographs!

See you next week!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday!

I didn't find this in a thrift store this week,
but I DID find it on Craigslist!

My first time buying from Craigslist and it was a score for me!
$125 for this 8x10 wool rug!
I found the same rug online for $499 on sale. 
We've got hardwoods and I've been wanting a rug to anchor the room,
pad our feet, and give the dogs some traction.

Lo and behold....
I stumbled upon this beauty.  
Spotless.  Clean.  No wear.
The retired lady of the house decided
to change her entire decorating scheme. 
Out with the traditional and in with the contemporary.

It fits right in with my somewhat eclectic traditional collected look!

I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on Craigslist more often!

Have you scored anything on Craigslist?
I'd love to know!


Monday, March 09, 2015

Setting Up A Stitching Corner

I recently made an investment in a floor stand
to hold my scroll rods, 
specifically the Millennium frame.

With the wait time undetermined for a stand from Needle Needs,
I did a bit of research and decided to go with a stand that is relatively new on the market!

I opted to go with the Just A Thought Needlework Stand, by Judy Odell!  I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and let me tell you, it didn't take long!  It arrived in short order and was impeccably packed!

Such a beautiful, beautiful work of art.  The wood is exquisite.  So beautiful!  Did I mention it's beautiful?

Assembly was straightforward and simple.  I was giddy when it when was done!

Besides the fact that there wasn't a wait that spans months, I loved that this stand was beautifully finished wood.  And clean lines.  And I love that it can accomodate both small and large frames!
Even qsnaps!

If you're familiar with the Millennium frames, you know they are weighty pieces!
This will work just fine!

Adjustable height, and adjustable reach.  It's just wonderful!
And heavy!
And I have mentioned how beautiful it is?

The craftsmanship is amazing.
Attention to detail is wonderful!
And Judy provides the most wonderful customer service
you can imagine.

The warmth of the wood just really appeals to me!
 Now I find myself setting up a stitching corner!
How exciting!
I also am trying to get used to working at a floor stand.
It takes a bit of getting used to!

I'm currently just using a chair from the kitchen,
with extra support here and there.
I really need to figure out what sort of seating I want for my corner!

Do I want an upholstered dining chair type of seat?
A cushy, comfy chair?
What type of seat do you prefer to sit in while you stitch?
I really want to know!  I'm on a mission to get this corner all set up!

Judy tells me she is working on attachments for this stand.
she's working on table top/lap stand too!
I can't wait for that!  I can see that being very useful, 
especially for retreats and stitching days away from the house!

If you're in the market for a fabulous stand that happens to be a beautiful work of art
and a fine addition to your decor, check out Judy's beautiful piece of furniture!

Now...about that chair....
what type of seating do you use?  


Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Synopsis of Sorts

I keep meaning to take the time and sit and blog,
but I obviously didn't do it for the longest while!
Until  now!

Let's catch up, okay?

Picabia - Madelinetosh DK in colorway Citrus

 and then it did this....

 Craziness!  Ice lays underneath.
The Dallas area was in snowday mode.
But it melted and was gone the next day!

and it was SOOOOOOOO good!
So good.

I fell off the wagon and brought this into the fabric stash...
Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell for Moda
 and I also bought some Lakeside Linens from a destash.
I couldn't pass it up.  I hate having to wait for linen,
so thought the purchase was worth it.

Yep..because I need linen.  ha!
I have yet to buy yarn though!  So that's deserving of a big "Wooohooo!!"
I pulled out some sampler stitching and worked on this.

Maria Selby Humphrey 1831/Blackbird Designs - LL V Pearled Barley 36ct w/threads as charted

and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Something about plying needle and thread and linen.

and decided I would make flour tortillas every week!
So good and so easy!

Miss Pia has been keeping me company as I stitch.


and finished it!
Azzu's Shawl - all purl version ~ Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in African Grey colorway
 That was a triumphant knit for me!
It used up one of the first skeins of yarn I ever purchased!
Deep deep stash!

And then this happened again...

This time it was about 5"!

Quaker Yarn Stretcher ~ Noro Kureyon
 and the snow melted yet again,
uncovering the promise of spring!

And I've been spending some time at the sewing machine!

What have you been up to?