Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday!

It's Thrifty Thursday again!
Oh happy day!

Last weekend the hubs and I ventured out for a little lunch and
a little wandering,
planning to hit up a little flea market.

On our way to the flea market,
I spotted a G'Willys!

And while the flea market was a bust..
the G'Willy's was not!

And I found a couple things!
This is cause for celebration.  
The Goodwills around here just are NOT
as fruitful as the G'Willy's up in Sioux Falls.
I am really missing finding a treasure now and again.
So this made my day!

I spent $3.32 total!

This great art pottery piece came home with me!
This particular store is in a college town..there were several 
pottery class projects on the shelves!

But this one was the winner!

If my light was better, you could appreciate the great glazing!
It's wonderful!

And speaking of wonderful...
.29 each!

I love Mexican pottery!

These small plates are crazed and worn!

Oh so earthy! 
Complete with painting smudges under the glaze
I love them!

But the question is...
what IS that thing in the center?

Any ideas?



Margaret said...

Nice! I love me some good pottery! The thing in the center -- a buffalo? :D Is that his shadow? Good question! Glad you had fun!

Vera said...

Great finds! I agree with Margaret -- buffalo was my guess.

Donna G. said...

I think it`s a bull.

Beth Aalberts said...

I bet it's supposed to be a bull.

Shelly said...

A chupacabra! Just kidding! I'm with the last two ladies who think its a bull. Great finds though!

dq said...

it is a bull