Sunday, February 22, 2015

GIVEAWAY WINNER! Cotton+Steel & Denyse Schmidt Scraps

So fun to read what you would do with these meager scraps!
Thank you!

I made a passing remark to the husband this morning saying I need to
post a winner to the blog today,
and he said "FOUR"

So.....#4 it is!

Sisylyn2 said, "I love the blocks and would make a patch quilt." 

So!  Sisylyn2, shoot me an email ( kwiltykim at hotmail dot com)
and let me know where to send these!!

Thanks again for everyone's interest! 
Stay tuned for future giveaways!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Til The Cowls Come Home

 Are you a cowl lover?
Those wonderfully soft, fun loops
are fast knits and
so dang easy to wear!
I've really taking a liking to them!

I've knit a couple
over the past week or so!

My dear friend, Becca, gifted me with this pattern
and a skein of the most luxurious Noro yarn I've ever felt!

This is Cowlucopia!
It's a free pattern, designed by the fabbo folks
at Hill Country Weavers!
If you've not heard of HCW, you so need to check out their website.
It's a wonderful shop in Austin.
I'm hopeful I will get down there this year,
but until then,
this great little project found its way to my needles,
thanks to Becca!
It uses one skein of Noro Shiraito, which is a cashmere/angora/wool blend.
Pure decadence and the colors!
And no leftovers!
Such an easy little piece to wear, too, when you need just a bit of warmth!
I love it!

And another one I LOVE....

 This is the Ingot by Lisa Mutch!
The pattern will cost you a few bucks, but it is so worth it!

Talk about a fast, trampy knit.
Oh my gosh!
And I LOVE it!
It's a big bulky, yet lightweight cowl,
that can double as a shoulder cozy!
I knit mine out of Madelinetosh DK
in the Firewood colorway.
I cast on a few more stitches than the pattern called for,
after reading others' comments on Ravelry.
(How great is Ravelry?)

This will NOT be the last Ingot I knit.
Seriously satisfying!
I want to find a nice silk blend at DFW Fiberfest
to make another one that's even more slinky!

And I did have leftovers from this. 
I used about 1 1/2 skeins.
But I've got a plan or leftovers! 

And speaking of leftovers,
don't forget about my quilt leftovers giveaway here! 
There's still time to get your name in the hat!

Are you a Cowl Lover as well?


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cotton + Steel & Denyse Schmidt Fabric Giveaway

I've been in the quilt den/yarn vault
this weekend
starting a new quilt!

And as I began clearing my cutting table,
I realized I have quite a few leftover components
from this quilt.

Would you like them?

I don't know how many segments are here,
but there's quite a few.
They're ready to become 4 patch blocks
or whatever you'd like them to be!

All Cotton+Steel and Denyse Schmidt 
paired with a Moda grey print from French General.
If you'd like them,
just leave a comment here and let me know
what you'd do with them!

I'll draw a winner next weekend!
So tell me,
what would you make with them?


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday!

It's Thrifty Thursday again!
Oh happy day!

Last weekend the hubs and I ventured out for a little lunch and
a little wandering,
planning to hit up a little flea market.

On our way to the flea market,
I spotted a G'Willys!

And while the flea market was a bust..
the G'Willy's was not!

And I found a couple things!
This is cause for celebration.  
The Goodwills around here just are NOT
as fruitful as the G'Willy's up in Sioux Falls.
I am really missing finding a treasure now and again.
So this made my day!

I spent $3.32 total!

This great art pottery piece came home with me!
This particular store is in a college town..there were several 
pottery class projects on the shelves!

But this one was the winner!

If my light was better, you could appreciate the great glazing!
It's wonderful!

And speaking of wonderful...
.29 each!

I love Mexican pottery!

These small plates are crazed and worn!

Oh so earthy! 
Complete with painting smudges under the glaze
I love them!

But the question is...
what IS that thing in the center?

Any ideas?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From The Stash This Shawl Comes....Hello 1974

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  
Thank you for the comments on my Cold Sheep endeavor! 
The support is appreciated!  I knew I wouldn't be alone!
Here we are into February and I still haven't added
any creative stash!
It's easier than anticipated!  

I dove into the stash and pulled out some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool 
and cast on for the gorgeous 
What's not to love? 

Squishy Garter!

Short Rows!
A color palette from the 70s!

And a HUGE shawl when finished!
I lovingly call it
"Hello 1974"

I really need to get a dress form to
style my knits!
Until I get some pics of me wearing it,
you'll have to use your imagination!

It ended up being 82" long!!
A big long squishy and wrappable hug!

Miss Pia approves!