Monday, January 19, 2015

Granny Shawl of Enchantment

If you read Interweave Knits, you probably remember
seeing this shawl in a recent issue.
The second I turned the page and saw the Ojo de Dios shawl,
I was enamored.
I queued it promptly.
I ordered 6 skeins of Plymouth Gina in the Sunset 005 colorway.
I was prepared.

But when it came time to actually cast the thing on,
I started to second guess.
It really wasn't the shawl pattern itself that I loved.
It didn't seem big enough for me.
I wasn't that thrilled with the idea of the knit itself.
It was the yarn!
The yarn!
The colors!

So I ditched the idea of the Ojo de Dios shawl
and settled for another.

You may recall it was one of my New Year's Day starts!

I'm calling it the Granny Shawl of Enchantment.
Because, well, the yarn.
It screams SOUTHWEST to me.
It's what sucked me in from the beginning.

I'm not sure why I can seem to wield a crochet hook so much faster
than knitting needles sometimes,
but this really flew off the hook for me.

I started out with six skeins of the Plymouth Yarn Gina,
but soon discovered I would need a bit more.

I ended up using 8 skeins.
And did a single crochet edging using some leftover
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Wool Socks colorway.

It's like wrapping up in a big hug!
After a gentle soaking and laying it out to dry, it ended up at about 74" across
and right at 36" deep.  
I just love it.  
It sits so nicely across the shoulders and yet isn't heavy.

The next time I wear it, I'll make sure to be dressed properly
and ask the husband to play photographer so I can post a pic of it actually on a person.

If you're interested,
you can find my notes on the project here., including
the Granny Shawl pattern, which is free!



Barb said...

beautiful! Love the colors

Margaret said...

OMG! I'm off to look at your ravelry. Rush rush rush

Lori said...


Vera said...

Gorgeous - love the colors. Wish I could crochet...maybe I need to between stitching and knitting.....I did crochet decades ago...need to re-look at that. Thanks!

Andra Gayle said...

I have looked at this pattern repeatedly but I am a very beginning crochet-er. I have never completed a project yet. However, you inspired me to start with some green and cream yarn I have on hand. So far I have about 5 rows done. Hopefully this will be my first completed project!

Catherine said...

Love it!