Thursday, January 08, 2015

Astrology Much?

Since landing back down in the Dallas area,
I've been lucky enough to have made two fabulous friends.
We just click.
It's good.
No...I take that back.
It's great!!  
We just are on the same page on so many things!
I'm sure you know how good it is
to find your tribe like that.

When it came time to think of what to give them for Christmas,
I wanted to go a bit personal.

So I texted them out of the blue with what I coined a "Hippie Dippie question"
And do you think these ladies even blinked?
Heck no!
They immediately both answered and a cosmic conversation was started!

 Are you more connected...more pulled by the sun?
or the moon?

Now when we get together, among other conversations,
there is
cosmic talk.
Holistic speak.
We are connected in this way.
This Hippie Dippie Way!

One commented that she felt the pull of both.
Definitely the sun.
And sometimes the moon.

And the other immediately said SUN!
And off to the quilt den I went!
I have had these awesome batik patches in the stash
for YEARS.
Time to work with a couple of them!

Thinking of each of them,
I created small little artsy fartsy quilts.
One half sun/half moon and the patchwork to match.
And one full on sun!

A bit of Cotton+Steel fabric for the back.
It was just all coming together!

 It's so nice when things come together
somewhat effortlessly...

 just as our friendship seems to have formed effortlessly!
Clearly the Universe is involved!



Lori said...

Kim, our friendship has definitely "clicked" into place. It's been so nice to find a friend who "gets" me and my quirks.

P.S. I love the quilt patch you made especially for me!!

troy and christina said...

Your quilt are beautiful!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

So wonderful to have connected and made great friends.

Beautiful fabric and great gift for your friends

Melody said...

What cute thoughtful gifts!

Margaret said...

Great gifts! So special that you found two someones who understand.

Cari said...

Oh Kim…you are just the best bestie !! I'm so glad you found new friends and they found you. Your quilt patches are simply fabulous !! Warmest hugs while you enjoy your homemade ice cream !! LOL

Karoline said...

They are both gorgeous

Beth Aalberts said...

Those are so awesome!