Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cold Sheep vs Conscious Acquiring

That's one COLD SHEEP up there!
I decided late last year that I was going to go
Cold Sheep
once the new year started.

Similar to Cold Turkey.

No wool.
No.  New.  Yarn.

For a while.

I told myself no new yarn until DFW Fiberfest this spring.
And then, I could acquire new yarn in person there.

This went out the window 
in the first 72 hours of the new year.

Kind of.

I was short on yarn for this.
So I had to order more to finish it.

That really doesn't count.

Anyhoo....I have so many beautiful yarns,
paired with beautiful patterns,
and it's high time I started to knit with what I HAVE!
It gets out of hand so easily!
Do you agree?

And I have also decided to not add to the stitching stash
for a while too!

And here we are, January 31,
and I haven't purchased any new yarn or stitching stash
other than the skeins I needed to finish that shawl!

I'm pretty darn proud of myself.
So while I can't really say I've gone Cold Sheep,
you can say I've adopted the mindset of
Conscious Acquiring!

No more haphazardly buying yarn!
It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.
It's actually FUN!  Going thru the Ravelry queue and casting on with what I have!
What a concept!
Working with what I have!

Have you made any goals in the new year regarding
your creative stash?

I'm going to keep myself on the straight and narrow!
I'll be sure and let you know how I do.
And if I stumble....if I fall....
I'll be sure and let you know!  ;o)


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thanks Again, Lori!

I finished up another New Years Day start.
You may recall I couldn't wait to cast on the lovely 
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light yarn
I received as a gift from my friend, Lori.

The colorway is Jasper.
And I LOVE it.
I also LOVE the way this yarn knits up!

I now see the allure of the TML!
And with some blocking...

things really opened up!
It's lightweight and wafty....

Is "wafty" a word? 
If not, it is in my urban dictionary!
The husband saw it when I was finished blocking it and said it would be 
the perfect face covering for duck hunters.
He said he would blend right in...perfect camo!

The Pebble Beach Shawlette pattern was wonderful.
The layout of the pattern makes it so easy to follow!
 Very much worth the price of purchase!
I did make a few mods because I wanted to use as much of the skein as I could!
You can find my project notes here.

Thanks again, Lori!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Granny Shawl of Enchantment

If you read Interweave Knits, you probably remember
seeing this shawl in a recent issue.
The second I turned the page and saw the Ojo de Dios shawl,
I was enamored.
I queued it promptly.
I ordered 6 skeins of Plymouth Gina in the Sunset 005 colorway.
I was prepared.

But when it came time to actually cast the thing on,
I started to second guess.
It really wasn't the shawl pattern itself that I loved.
It didn't seem big enough for me.
I wasn't that thrilled with the idea of the knit itself.
It was the yarn!
The yarn!
The colors!

So I ditched the idea of the Ojo de Dios shawl
and settled for another.

You may recall it was one of my New Year's Day starts!

I'm calling it the Granny Shawl of Enchantment.
Because, well, the yarn.
It screams SOUTHWEST to me.
It's what sucked me in from the beginning.

I'm not sure why I can seem to wield a crochet hook so much faster
than knitting needles sometimes,
but this really flew off the hook for me.

I started out with six skeins of the Plymouth Yarn Gina,
but soon discovered I would need a bit more.

I ended up using 8 skeins.
And did a single crochet edging using some leftover
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Wool Socks colorway.

It's like wrapping up in a big hug!
After a gentle soaking and laying it out to dry, it ended up at about 74" across
and right at 36" deep.  
I just love it.  
It sits so nicely across the shoulders and yet isn't heavy.

The next time I wear it, I'll make sure to be dressed properly
and ask the husband to play photographer so I can post a pic of it actually on a person.

If you're interested,
you can find my notes on the project here., including
the Granny Shawl pattern, which is free!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

I saw a post on Facebook from
Elizabeth Gilbert, aka Eat Pray Love and all around inspiring lady,
where she was discussing
Happiness Jar!

The premise is no matter how badly your day has gone,
there is always at least ONE thing, ONE instance where you were happy.
She writes that thing down at the end of each day,
and drops it in to her "Happiness Jar".

I loved the idea.
I used to write three things I was grateful for at the end of each day.
No matter how trivial, there is always something to be happy about,
something to be grateful about!

So I'm starting my own jar!
I'm using this for now...

 but will keep an eye out for another fabulously oversized glass canister!

I think it will be a great exercise in keeping that Attitude of Gratitude!
No matter what....there is at least one bright spot in everyone's day!

This will be a great way to center myself.
On the off day, just reach in to the jar and read a slip of paper and remind myself
that even the simple things are things to be happy about,
to be grateful for!

One slip in my jar simply says "There was knitting"
and that's okay!

Then there are other monumental events that left me 
completely ecstatic...

I love the idea of having years and years of happy moments,
moments of gratitude,
piling up in a big ol' jar.
I'm looking forward to reaching in,
and remembering,
for years to come!


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Astrology Much?

Since landing back down in the Dallas area,
I've been lucky enough to have made two fabulous friends.
We just click.
It's good.
No...I take that back.
It's great!!  
We just are on the same page on so many things!
I'm sure you know how good it is
to find your tribe like that.

When it came time to think of what to give them for Christmas,
I wanted to go a bit personal.

So I texted them out of the blue with what I coined a "Hippie Dippie question"
And do you think these ladies even blinked?
Heck no!
They immediately both answered and a cosmic conversation was started!

 Are you more connected...more pulled by the sun?
or the moon?

Now when we get together, among other conversations,
there is
cosmic talk.
Holistic speak.
We are connected in this way.
This Hippie Dippie Way!

One commented that she felt the pull of both.
Definitely the sun.
And sometimes the moon.

And the other immediately said SUN!
And off to the quilt den I went!
I have had these awesome batik patches in the stash
for YEARS.
Time to work with a couple of them!

Thinking of each of them,
I created small little artsy fartsy quilts.
One half sun/half moon and the patchwork to match.
And one full on sun!

A bit of Cotton+Steel fabric for the back.
It was just all coming together!

 It's so nice when things come together
somewhat effortlessly...

 just as our friendship seems to have formed effortlessly!
Clearly the Universe is involved!


Friday, January 02, 2015

Fresh Starts!

I hope you all had so much fun bringing in the new year!

We had a pretty sedate evening,
but we like it that way!

And then yesterday...


Was that a fabulous game or WHAT!?

Throughout the day yesterday,
as I do every January 1,
I started several new projects!

Did you?

I started the Mexican Band Sampler by Needle Work Press.
I'm using a 36 ct linen that I dyed myself, as well as my own conversion using various overdyed threads.  Looking forward to working on this one!

On the quilting front,
This has been a LONG time coming!
I've been collecting 2" squares of newer and vintage Liberty of London fabrics for many years,
knowing I wanted to do a scrappy hexagon quilt.
So yesterday I finally started!

Because, you know, I NEED more handwork projects!
This is going to be a long term quilt project,
but it will never get finished if I don't start!
I'm still deciding on another quilt to start, but so far,
this is it!

 And then the yarn...

My sweet dear friend, Lori, gifted me with this lovely skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Lite in the Jasper colorway for Christmas.   I couldn't wait to get it on the needles!

And then this...

Another crocheted Granny Shawl,
but this one will be more SHAWL than scarf, like the previous one I crocheted!
I'm using Plymouth Yarns Gina in the Sunset colorway
and let me tell is FLYING off the hook!

What did you start on New Year's?
I really want to know!


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!!

The socks were off the needles well before midnight!

Plain Vanilla Ankle Socks - Lollipop Yarns Beefcake Base - Best Friend Colorway
 And shortly before midnight, the quilt was finished and pressed!

Someone is pretty wound up and wouldn't cooperate 
to let me get a good photo.

 I want to get this one quilted sooner rather than later!

I hope you've enjoyed bringing in the new year!
We really partied it up and ordered Chinese delivery and stayed in
and just relaxed.  I actually had to wake the hubs up on the couch to usher in the exact 
moment that 2015 came to be!

I loved this when I read it today,
so wanted to share!

I so love this!
Happy New Year, friends!