Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tradition & The Nest

I've been thinking alot lately about Tradition.  The definition is clear.
It's time-honored.
It's established.
It's a customary pattern.
 No where in that definition does it say
"IF you move, and WHEN your nest is empty, Tradition ends."

No where.

I don't think I am alone when I say I believe Tradition is prevalent this time of year

 Last year was our first Christmas alone.
In our new home.
In a different state than all of our kids.
And we were somewhat lost.

You see, our family's Christmas traditions are simple.
Christmas Eve is filled with Christmas lights, some form of oysters,
candlelight, Silent Night (which always ALWAYS makes me cry), and egg nog 
in goblets with Christmas Trees on them.
A Christmas Story is on a continuous loop...
Christmas Day....
orange rolls fresh from the oven,
for 20 of the last 22 years,
our family, and the hub's extended family, goes bowling
on Christmas Day,
then we come home and enjoy a feast of prime rib and naps.
Yes...I did say bowling.  
I know, I know...when I first came into the clan,
I thought it was a bit odd to go bowling on Christmas Day.  
Mainly because I grew up in a very small town and NOTHING was even OPEN on Christmas Day!  Especially the bowling alley!

So it's what we do.
And the kids LOVED it each and every year.
I say 20 out of 22, 
because one year we were actually snowed in and unable to even travel 
within the city to the bowling alley!
And then last year...
we were out of our realm,
out of our norm,
with an empty nest and a weird Christmas.

So we didn't really do any of our traditional things.
And we were lost.

So I've been thinking alot about past Christmases
and trying not to be sad that we have an empty nest at Christmas.
I've decided that we MUST...

We HAVE to....

carry on the TRADITIONS!
We just have to.
It's not up for discussion.
It's who we ARE!

It's why Christmas was so weird last year!

This year.
Without a doubt, there will be 
Christmas lights,
some form of oysters,
Silent Night,
a tear or two streaming,
eggnog in the Christmas Tree goblets,
A Christmas Story on continuous loop,
orange rolls on Christmas morning,
gifts opened,
Facetime with all of the kids and their families,
in three different time zones,
and we will go bowling.

The hubs and I will go bowling.

And then we will come home and
feast on Prime Rib
and take a nap.

And all will be right in our world again.
And we will hope the kids are doing some form of our traditions
At the very least, my hope is that they will also draw some
comfort knowing that 
mom and dad are still doing all of the things
they are used to us doing for 

After all...
it's Tradition!
And it doesn't end when the nest is empty!

What traditions do you have?
I'd love to know!



Robin said...

I'm guessing you found a bowling alley that is open in your new town. Good for you! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a bright 2015.

Robin in Virginia

Jackie said...

LOVE your thoughts in this post Kim!

Margaret said...

Ok, this post really touched me. And yes, I think tradition is important. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas following your traditions and facetime-ing with your kids.

Melody said...

traditions, are what make the holiday special I think. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Amber Lockwood said...

I got a couple years just reading this! I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones 😉. We are definitely creatures of habit and without holiday traditions I feel lost as well! Last year was tough on us as well! Me being on call for work and away from you guys! I know it's comforting to know you are continuing on with tradition, and even got a chuckle you are going bowling! I consider myself lucky to have the best in-laws ever! Thank you! We love you! Can't wait to FaceTime and open presents! I know Avery is already driving me nuts trying to open presents.