Monday, December 29, 2014

Finishing up!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!
I remember being young and it seemed to take forEVER for Christmas to arrive.
And I remember hearing adults mutter how time goes so much faster when you're older.
You've heard that, right?
Well, turns out they were RIGHT!
Christmas came and went REALLY quickly this year!
Was it fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas?
Maybe.  Yes.  Maybe that was it!
But I didn't feel like I had lots of time to decorate, 
and bake,
and enjoy cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies!

And now here we are less than 51 hours (at press time) from 
a brand new YEAR!
 That means I am in a creative frenzy
trying to finish up as many WIPs as I can!
Regardless of medium!
Knitting WIPS!?  Let's get 'em done!

 Yesterday I got this off the needles!
It's the Honey Cowl.  And a complete indulgence in 100% cashmere.
I did the longer version and cast on 240 stitches.
You can find details here!

Next, I've got my eye on these...

Just plain vanilla socks. 
Lollipop Yarns Beefcake Base in colorway Best Friend.
I've got one done!  And am on the foot of the second!
I really want these off the needles before the ball drops!

 Quilting WIPS?  Only one!

All the blocks are done and the setting squares have been cut.
I just need to sew this together!  
Should be 70 x 70 when it's done.
I'm pretty sure I can get this done too!

Stitching WIPS?  Probably not going to finish any in 50 hrs and 55 minutes.
But I will try to work on SOMETHING!

Or I might try and squeak another knitting finish in!

Time's a wasting!
Are you in a finishing up mood?
Wanna join me?
Let me know!  We can cheer each other on!



Heather said...

I am in a finishing mood too! Finish all the things! :-)

sweetpickle02 on instagram. :-)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! You are a working/finishing wonder! Your scarf is beautiful! I think you will finish all your projects and start more!

Yes, there are fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas or at least it seems that way to me--the holidays seem compressed--my Grandmother was right

Margaret said...

Good for you! I was thinking that I should try to put that Tula 100 blocks quilt together, but no way I'm going to do it in the next couple of days. I have other things to do. Sigh. I love seeing your projects! Good luck with the finishing!

Melody said...

Good for you on your finishing frenzy! I love that cashmere cowl. That must feel amazingly soft. Your socks are great too. I always wanted to learn how to make socks. I hope to finish reading by current book before the end of 2014. Xstitch projects won't make the year end deadline.

Jackie said...

I'm not in a finishing mood, I am in an organizing/editing mood. We have worked our tails off since Saturday. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm hitting the yarn stash. It's not bad though. New Years Day I am bringing out AotH and will focus on getting that done in 2015 along with ornaments. I *need* a stitched tree!

100% cashmere - swoon!

woolwoman said...

your cashmere scarf is gorgeous and the socks - too cool! I need to try those plain vanilla and see if I can accomplish - sock knitting has never been high on my list. If I had applied myself I could have had a couple of knitting finishes right here at the EOY but alas - I was too busy buying yarn and starting new projects. Tonight at the stroke of midnight I will start a BAP stitching project as per usual. Hope you have a happy new year - Mel