Monday, November 03, 2014

Just In Time!

I finished my son's Sockhead hat last weekend,
and boxed up the trio of hats for my Nebraska family early last week!

They arrived just in time!
It's snowing today in Western Nebraska!
L to R: Sockhead Hat (Lornas Laces Multi Sock in Camouflage), Capucine (Noro Kureyon held double), and Thorpe Hat (Noro Kureyon).  All patterns are free patterns!  

This picture warms my heart and I hope the hats warm their heads!

Lucky for me there is NO snow here in North Texas!
Today its a sunny but windy day...temps in the low 70s!

Tomorrow is another story!  

Happy Monday!



Beth Aalberts said...

What a beautiful picture.

Margaret said...

I loved this pic when I saw it on Instagram. What a priceless picture. They make a beautiful family!