Sunday, November 09, 2014

Faux Pas and a Finish

Thanks so much for the compliments and comments
on my wool applique project!
I thought that this was a Maggie Bonanomi pattern,
and need to clear that up and make sure you know it is not!
It's a pattern by the talented Lyn Hosford!
I noticed that as I was leafing through the Need'l Love book the other evening!
My next wool applique IS a Maggie Bonanomi pattern, though!

While that wool project whipped up rather quickly,
my newest finish was not so quick!

FINALLY!  Her Sampler 1796 is finished!

When the girls over at Blackbird Designs announced this Stitch Along
it looked like it would be a quick stitch!  Just grab some threads
and a piece of leftover linen, and walaaaah!  a new little sampler is born!
It was not quick!  Or maybe it would have been if I would have just focused
and stitched on her!
I took a few liberties.....did regular cross stitch on the band that called for
four sided stitch.  Because, well, I'm sure you understand when I say after enduring aLOT
of four sided stitch in that alphabet, it was clear that said four sided stitch
is not something that will hold my attention, and this may never have gotten finished!

 and I also opted for the 8 spoke Algerian Eyelet
for all eyelet stitches!  So I cut my time in HALF on that...right?
I also couldn't bring myself to stitch a heart (I know....I don't know WHY I have an aversion to hearts, other than to say I also cringe when I see blue, mauve and geese!)
So I added my initials in that spot.

Under the steam iron it went, and it's in the "Kim, You Really Need To Find A Framer" pile!

I really do need to find a framer down here!



Margaret said...

Lovely finish! It's always the best when you take liberties with a pattern to make it your own, don't you think? Have you thought about sending your framing away? I've heard of a couple of good places....

Anne said...

Well, it's beautiful as I saw it on IG. I too took awhile to finish it but pushed through those eyelets and didn't cut them down which slowed down the process. Love the colours you used. I need a framer too...loads to frame!