Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Woolly Wednesday

It may be 90+ degrees here,
but that won't stop me from working with wool!

Woolly goodness abounds!

Last night I cast on for this hat.
So cute!
Not for me....but for my daughter in law
up in Nebraska.

I had a few skeins of 
Noro Kureyon
(colorway 308)
and decided to hold the yarn double
and use the 'super bulky'
pattern directions!

Capucine hat - Noro Kureyon color 308
 Talk about a quick knit!
It was fast!  
and fun!
I love this hat!!
I hope Amber will too!

And with the AC cranked up,
I also pulled out some wool threads...

in preparation!

I've had this book forever, 
and decided to finally
get busy on a little kit I've had stored away.

There.  up there!
on the cover.
Yuletide Treasures  I think it's called!

I've got the pieces all glued down.
The plan is to have this done by the time it's
Christmas decorating season!

I best keep that AC blasting
if I plan to handle wool the rest of this week!
I may wait until it's a bit cooler.
Good thing there's 49 days left before I typically 
start the Christmas decorating!



antique quilter said...

oh I have always loved that quilt on the cover ! can't wait to see it finished :)

Margaret said...

I love that hat! Put it in my favorites -- you are enabling once again. lol! Love your new wool applique project too! Even with AC on I have a hard time knitting with wool. Don't know how you do it.

Cari said...

Good job on the hat Kim. Love the wool appliqué you've started too. I love working with wool.

Hugs and have fun !!

Julierose said...

Hi Kim--what a lovely project--and I love that Kureyon yarn hat--so cute! hugs, Julierose