Saturday, October 04, 2014

Just In Time

Last night, I bound off my

In the sink it went for a quick soak...

Brickless by Martina Behm/Miss Babs Yowza in Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway
 and I laid it out overnight for a light blocking!
I only ended up doing five repeats and called it, because it was already
plenty long enough!
It blocked out to over 100" long!

I was so glad to get this off the needles!
Just in time to wear it today!

I had places to go and people to see,
and, well, it was in the 50s  this morning!
Perfect weather for a scarfy shawl!

The plan for today was to venture in

Just in time! 
I needed to be in among the greater population!

I was meeting up with special friends!
We all live about an hour from each other in different directions, 
and brilliant Lori found a most wonderful huge, inviting Starbucks that
is in a lovely neighborhood and is central to the three of us!

So we all ventured in 30 miles and met, at 
what is now surely 'our place',
 for a day filled with coffee, laughter, 
great conversation, coffee, sushi, more laughter,
Pipers Journey shawl/Tosh Merino Light + Skein Top Draw Sock held double
 tea, and yes...more laughter!

Just in time!
I needed today,
and these girls are just the best!

 Certainly made for a fabulous Saturday!

I'm looking forward to Samplers on Sunday tomorrow!
Will you be stitching?



antique quilter said...

it came out beautiful,the colors are just wonderful.
glad you had a day out with girlfriends.

Margaret said...

Love your Brickless! I'm glad you got to get together with friends for fun and some urban time. Love your new knitting too!