Saturday, October 04, 2014

Greetings, October!


I know I am not alone when I say I love October!
Even though it's still quite warm here in the Dallas area,
October still signals the changing seasons to me!

So while it may be in the 80s here,
all it took was a match,

 and suddenly I felt a bit cooler!
Farmer's Market and Harvest are my old standby Yankee Candle scents
for this time of the year.  
What's your favorite candle right now?

the burning candle made me want to dig in to the wool,
and not of the knittery kind!

I'm going to start working on a project that's been waiting 

Now is the time!

If I start this now, it can be done in time for the Christmas decorating!

It's from the Holly Threads Need'l Love book
that's been collecting dust.

 This should be fun!



Margaret said...

Looks lovely, whatever it is! I keep saying I'm going to do some wool applique. Someday. Maybe you'll inspire me! You've done enough of that with knitting after all. :D

Laurie Arp said...

Autumn Leaves.... it's in the low 30s here and definitely feels like Fall!