Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrifty Thursday!


Thrifty Thursday!


You may recall that I was heading out last week Thursday
for a stitching retreat out of town!
And I realized they had a G'Willy's!
And I was ever so hopeful!

I actually found a few things!!

So excited!!

I had the luxury of time!
And I took advantage and strolled through the aisles...

I found this great creamy white shell dish!

Three bucks!
I think it will be wonderful on the coffee table,
atop some books, 
holding the remote, etc!
It's rather large and I love it!

And because I'm a sucker for little plates
and blue...
 this small plate caught my eye.
Loved the geometric!

And this one....

because it's transferware!
These are both small...just a smidge over 4" across.
These were 50 cents each!

So much pleasure from less than five bucks!
I may or may not have started singing
on the way to my vehicle!

"I'm back.......I'm back in the saddle again....

I'm back!"


Thursday, October 23, 2014


Happy Thursday!!

And what a lovely Thursday it is!
I'm off work until Monday!

There have been hat factor happenings here,
trying to get warm head toppers done to mail up to my Nebraska family!

In addition to Amber's hat (here),
I've recently finished up a Thorpe hat
for Miss Avery,

 which is a free pattern!
I used Noro Kureyon and added a BIG OL' POM POM
because I think Miss Avery will like a big ol' pom pom!
Super quick knit!

Then it was time to knit a hat for Avery's daddy (aka my oldest son).
He is an ice fishing fanatic, so I have to get this done and mailed off soon.
I'm sure the weather will be changing soon up there!

I dug into deep stash.
As in, stash I purchased before I even knew how to knit!
I'm sure other people do this, right?
I knew one day I would knit socks, so I started acquiring mass quantities 
of sock yarn
and now I'm using it!

Thank goodness I have sock yarn in the stash! ha!
I found some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock
in the Camouflage colorway
and knew it was meant to be Brennan's hat!

I'm almost done.  
Time to start the decreases!
But it's going to have to wait a bit.

I need to get packing!
Because there are HAPPENINGS this weekend!


I'm heading west....for a girls weekend retreat with some
great friends!
Technically it's a stitching retreat,
so of course I am packing the samplers up and hope to get tons
But there's also knitting tagging along,
and needlepoint,
and magazines,
and wool applique.

I hope I can fit it all in among the belly laughs
and cocktails!!

They have a G'Willy's in this small town to which I'm headed in a couple hours!
Wouldn't it be SWELL if today,
I found my thrifty mojo!
Wish me luck!!
I'm going in ever so hopeful!

We'll catch up at the end of the weekend!
Have a wonderful next few days!


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Woolly Wednesday

It may be 90+ degrees here,
but that won't stop me from working with wool!

Woolly goodness abounds!

Last night I cast on for this hat.
So cute!
Not for me....but for my daughter in law
up in Nebraska.

I had a few skeins of 
Noro Kureyon
(colorway 308)
and decided to hold the yarn double
and use the 'super bulky'
pattern directions!

Capucine hat - Noro Kureyon color 308
 Talk about a quick knit!
It was fast!  
and fun!
I love this hat!!
I hope Amber will too!

And with the AC cranked up,
I also pulled out some wool threads...

in preparation!

I've had this book forever, 
and decided to finally
get busy on a little kit I've had stored away.

There.  up there!
on the cover.
Yuletide Treasures  I think it's called!

I've got the pieces all glued down.
The plan is to have this done by the time it's
Christmas decorating season!

I best keep that AC blasting
if I plan to handle wool the rest of this week!
I may wait until it's a bit cooler.
Good thing there's 49 days left before I typically 
start the Christmas decorating!


Monday, October 06, 2014

Samplers On Sunday....& Monday, Too!

Another Sunday gone by,
and I put a few more stitches in on Eleanor Harrison!

Here's where I was last week...

So I made a bit of progress yesterday!
Loving the quirky colors!

I even stitched a bit this evening on her!

It really feels nice to be back to stitching!
And since this Sunday's sampler time
spilled over into Monday,
let's just say I'm hopeful my stitching mojo has returned 
in it's full glory!

Good thing!
I'm readying for a stitching retreat in a couple weeks!
Mojo returned at the perfect time!

Did you stitch this weekend?


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Just In Time

Last night, I bound off my

In the sink it went for a quick soak...

Brickless by Martina Behm/Miss Babs Yowza in Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway
 and I laid it out overnight for a light blocking!
I only ended up doing five repeats and called it, because it was already
plenty long enough!
It blocked out to over 100" long!

I was so glad to get this off the needles!
Just in time to wear it today!

I had places to go and people to see,
and, well, it was in the 50s  this morning!
Perfect weather for a scarfy shawl!

The plan for today was to venture in

Just in time! 
I needed to be in among the greater population!

I was meeting up with special friends!
We all live about an hour from each other in different directions, 
and brilliant Lori found a most wonderful huge, inviting Starbucks that
is in a lovely neighborhood and is central to the three of us!

So we all ventured in 30 miles and met, at 
what is now surely 'our place',
 for a day filled with coffee, laughter, 
great conversation, coffee, sushi, more laughter,
Pipers Journey shawl/Tosh Merino Light + Skein Top Draw Sock held double
 tea, and yes...more laughter!

Just in time!
I needed today,
and these girls are just the best!

 Certainly made for a fabulous Saturday!

I'm looking forward to Samplers on Sunday tomorrow!
Will you be stitching?


Greetings, October!


I know I am not alone when I say I love October!
Even though it's still quite warm here in the Dallas area,
October still signals the changing seasons to me!

So while it may be in the 80s here,
all it took was a match,

 and suddenly I felt a bit cooler!
Farmer's Market and Harvest are my old standby Yankee Candle scents
for this time of the year.  
What's your favorite candle right now?

the burning candle made me want to dig in to the wool,
and not of the knittery kind!

I'm going to start working on a project that's been waiting 

Now is the time!

If I start this now, it can be done in time for the Christmas decorating!

It's from the Holly Threads Need'l Love book
that's been collecting dust.

 This should be fun!