Saturday, September 13, 2014


Ah another Saturday!
Saturdays always hold such promise for me....
to get things done!
We'll see how that goes today!

I received a most wonderful gift
from Sheryl in Australia!

In an earlier post, she had noticed I had used this Brannock & Patek print in blue.
And we seem to both LOVE this pear fabric so much!
She thought I should have some in the other colors,
and I am so appreciative!
I LOVE this print!
Thank you so MUCH, Sheryl!  
I hope the blue print surfaces for you!
I will keep my eye out. 
And if any of you happen to have this print in blue
that you'd be willing to part with for Sheryl,
Please Please Please let me know!

As I was cleaning up in the sewing room,
I discovered some bits and pieces leftover from an earlier quilt.

So earlier this week I laid them out
and sewed them together into a small quilt.

All that's left is to add borders!
So that's on the list today!

I also need to whip up a couple pillowcases to send along with
Avery's Rainbow Yarn Blanket.
And probably should tidy up a bit.

Maybe not!  


What's on your slate for today?



Margaret said...

That pear fabric is so pretty! Nice of Sheryl to send those pieces to you. Love your little quilt too!

Jeanne said...

I've been buying fabric for 20 yrs and yet I can still recognize a piece of fabric as something I have LOL. I have that same pear fabric and I know it's years old but unfortunately mine has the tan background not the blue your buddy is looking for. Love your quilts Kim! I haven't sewed in ages, life has been way too hectic this year so any bits of free time I grab stitching instead as its just easier.

antique quilter said...

I have little bits of that pear fabric that I am hoarding and using it little quilts so I can treasure it too!
lucky you!!!!
cute little quilt