Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Sewing Success!

Hello!  Happy Sunday!

Well it seems like I've been working on this quilt
from the History Repeated book by Betsy Chutchian,
and I finally, FINALLY finished it last evening!

I started making a conscious decision to SEW on SATURDAYS!
What a concept!  ha!

and it worked!
I finished it!
I may have to stick with this Saturday Sewing mantra!
Excited to think about what the next quilt will be!

What's YOUR next quilt?



Cari said...

Such a great quilt Kim !! Love the colors and the design. I think Miss Pia likes it too !!

Margaret said...

It's so so gorgeous! The colors are marvelous! As are all those yarns in that interesting metal basket in the background. lol! Congrats!

Gayle said...


antique quilter said...

it is just beautiful I have wanted to make this quilt for a long time guess I just need to move it up on that ever growing list and get it done!

Barb said...

WONDERFUL quilt - I love every single thing about it! well done