Sunday, September 28, 2014

Samplers On Sunday

It's been a great lazy Sunday today!

I've decided to make an effort to work on a sampler on Sundays!
So today....
I started a new one!

Never mind that I have...hmmm....
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
oh never mind.
I have things in progress!
Don't we all?

The urge to start something new was strong!

Ellen Harrison 1889
was the chosen one today!

I loved this quirky sampler as soon as I saw it!
Needle Work Press has fantastic charts,
and this one is no exception!

I pulled an unknown linen from the cupboard
and overdyed it to try and warm it up and darken it at the same time.

I also went thru the thread stash and pulled my own conversion
based on the colors of the antique.
Trying to work this one completely from stash!
A mix of GAST and DMC threads.

I think this may become a weekly post!
Samplers on Sunday!

Would you like to join me?
What are you working on?



Natasha said...

What a great idea. I think I may join you I have a few that have just been hanging out waiting for me to put some work into them.

This is a great sampler you picked, wonderful progress so far :)
Have a great night.

Jackie said...

Such a bright and happy looking sampler! A new start is sometimes very well warranted. No guilt over the WIP pile!

Margaret said...

Looks great so far! I admire anyone who can say ok, I'm working on this on x-day. lol! The only time I've been able to do that is with my fussy cut star. And that only takes an hour or so so it doesn't count. :D

carol fun said...

Beautiful sampler! And I understand having multiple samplers in various stages - it keeps life interesting! I use to post a picture of a sampler I had done every Sunday. I've stitched over 75 so I kept it up for a little over a year. I may have to do it again only with the sampler I'm working on at the moment. Happy stitching!

Melody said...

Samplers on Sunday is a nice idea. I like your new start.