Friday, September 19, 2014

Onward! Scraps for You! Scraps for Me!

Well hello and Happy FRIDAY!

Thanks everyone for the messages following my
empty nest sadness yesterday.

I know that's not the norm as far as blog posts go for me,
but it's what was on my mind,
so I hit "Publish".

All is good!

Yes, this is an adjustment.
But all is good!

My kids are spread out in three different states,
and not one of those states is Texas!
And after 20+ years of living the urban life
in a great city,
we are now outside of the city,
in an area under development,
north of Dallas,
so it seems so different!
I suppose because it IS different!

So sometimes, I wish things were the way they used to be!
And then winter arrives up in South Dakota!


So excited to share my quilt scraps!

 They're boxed up and ready to head to their new home.
In New Jersey.
The winner is Kathie!

"OH Miss Pia can you help Mom put these in a box and send them to me, you know how much I love making scrap quilts and making a little quilt with just these scraps would be really a fun project!
I am working on a postage stamp quilt and these would help add to that as well as a few other quilts I can see adding them to ….my log cabin quilt, a strip quilt…
thanks for the chance to win

Kathie, email me your address (kwiltykim at hotmail dot com)
and I'll get them on their way to you!
Can't wait to see what you do with them!

And speaking of scraps.
Scraps for me, 
turned into this!

A nice size for a table top!
And do you see my goof?

How fitting.
A little detour on the trail!

I'm not even going to fib and say I thought about fixing it.
Because I didn't every think about doing that!
I'm leaving it as is!

And it's in the short pile for basting and quilting.

I was sifting thru a couple totes filled with quilt tops and decided these need 
to be quilted!
I need to hop to it!

I also need to get back to this...

Good thing I don't have to fix family meals any more!
Frees up so much time!

Happy Friday everyone!



antique quilter said...

How exciting. Thank you!

Margaret said...

Congrats to Kathie! Love your new quilt top, and your quilts to be quilted. And your WIP too! All beautiful!

Jackie said...

Love your design element!

Do you do your own quilting? On your sewing machine?

Charlene ♥ SC said...