Monday, September 29, 2014

Off & On

So goes the knitting!

Off the needles!
and then twice as many things back ON the needles!

Perfectly normal, for an obsessed yarnhead!


Here's what has come off the needles as of late!

This is the Drop Stitch Scarf.  Free pattern!
I used a big ol' hank of Miss Babs Yowza in what was marked and sold as the
Berlin colorway.
But consensus among me and my knitting pals is this is 
probably NOT the Berlin colorway.
No red in this!
Still, it's lovely in it's own right.
While I as knitting this (and it goes very quickly!),
it reminded me of the mean fish in Finding Nemo.
You know..the one with the light dangling above his snarly face!
This thing ended up being freakishly long.
As in, Dr. Who long.
and I LOVE it!  
I went heavy on the fringe!

Also recently off the needles...

This is the Aphelion Cowl.
Another free pattern!
I modified this pattern, and the link above will take you to my 
Ravelry page,
where I noted my changes.
The yarn.  A dream!  DREAM, I say!
I've got more of this base in a different color for a cardigan.
I need to cake that up and get busy!

So now...
what's ON the needles?

Here are a few!

Somehow...someway...the Lollipop Yarn update fell my way last week
and I scored TWO balls of yumminess!

This one is the Beefcase base in the Best Friend colorway!

I had to cast on promptly!

And because I apparently can't get enough color!
or Miss Babs!

I cast on another Brickless shawl out of the
Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway
of Yowza!

This is how I like my pink!
with RED!  and ORANGE!  and BLACK!  and BROWN! and and and...
all the color!
This is my second Brickless, 
and it won't be the last.
Such a versatile pattern and entertaining knit!

And yet another pair of socks
has also been getting some attention.

These are going to be ankle socks,
so shouldn't take too long!
The yarn is Regia in a Kaffe Fassett colorway!
I started the heel flap last night on this first sock.

What's off & on your needles?



Margaret said...

Love all your projects, finished or otherwise. I'm embarrassed at how many projects I have on the needles. I also have the project of putting things onto ravelry -- which I have yet to do. Very sad.

Shelly said...

Beautiful projects! I'm so envious of your talents!

antique quilter said...

wow how do you decide what to work on???
I love so many of these yarns. I have to put the blinders on when I pass the yarn store I am so afraid of getting into another hobby, I will need another room !

Melody said...

Your yarns are projects are beautiful! I love the colors!! The striped socks are wonderful. I've always thought I would like to learn how to knit socks...