Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Thursday

 As I prepared to make a cozy cup of Chai this evening,
I reached into the cupboard and pulled out this great pottery cup
I scored on a thrifty outing, long ago.

At least it seemed long ago.
Ah...Thrifty Thursday


It made me kind of sad.

I've been that way a little bit as of late.
Trying to wrap my head around this empty nest.
The life changes over the past year or so.

I miss some things about living up north.
I do.
The weather isn't one of them.
But our little city was nice.
Tucked away in the great plains.

And life here in Texas is a totally different setting.
We are not in the city.
Though we are just 30 minutes from downtown Dallas.
It's not the same.
We are outside of a small town with seriously one stop light.
And there is not good thrifting anywhere close
that I can find.
And we are without kids popping by,
wondering what I was fixing for supper and could they come over
and join us.

I remind myself the kids were going to move and go and do, 
as kids do when they grow up,
and that we chose to just move that home base south.

I remind myself that this is still home for them.
At midnight last night, I woke from that moment of just falling asleep
and reached for my phone to text my youngest.
He is still up north.
I told him I missed  him.
That he was supposed to be here.
Being a twenty year old, of course he was awake at midnight 
and texted me right back with a reassuring word or two
that he was fine.
That he might still come south.

I can only hope!

Seems we are still trying to figure out this empty nest.
This life outside of a small town.
 Change takes some adjustment.

It's a two-bag chai kinda night tonight!



Margaret said...

Awww, Kim. I know how you are feeling. Adjusting to the empty nest is so so hard. I think it took me until maybe the spring of my son's second year of school to finally feel used to the empty nest. I don't know how long yours has been so far. Combining it with a move must make it that much harder. Lots of hugs.

Cherie said...

You made me tear up, Kim... {{hug}}

Deb said...

I have to say the same thing as Margaret....Awww, Kim. I know that it has to be hard being so far away. I'm gearing up for that next year and I don't know how I'm going to take it. Hopefully you're younger one will move down or you'll get lots of visits from the rest. It's just so different when suddenly they're not in and out all the time.

And I was thinking about your thrifty thursdays yesterday and realized that I hadn't seen any for a while. Too bad there aren't good places to go around there.

Sending hugs!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I miss your Thrify Thursdays and all your neat wonderful finds.

Children such a mixed bag of emotions--

Cari said...

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. Doggie and Kitty hugs too. Why oh why do we get blue? Just know you have wonderful friends and family…and 4 legged families who love you dearly. Hang in there dear friend. The sun will come out tomorrow….(sappy i know, but true )

Jackie said...

My kids still live here in town but can't imagine either of them moving. But yet, I want to move to the mountains. I think, maybe, there is a season to be on our own. And then it will change again and things will be a bit different.

Barb said...

you aren't alone. I totally understand we had a very similar move, including leaving my son in NJ.
It is so hard to readjust to change. When you figure out how, let me know too -
sending you a hug (( ))

Melody said...

I'm sending you a warm hug. Change is difficult. We are newly empty nesters also.