Monday, September 29, 2014

Off & On

So goes the knitting!

Off the needles!
and then twice as many things back ON the needles!

Perfectly normal, for an obsessed yarnhead!


Here's what has come off the needles as of late!

This is the Drop Stitch Scarf.  Free pattern!
I used a big ol' hank of Miss Babs Yowza in what was marked and sold as the
Berlin colorway.
But consensus among me and my knitting pals is this is 
probably NOT the Berlin colorway.
No red in this!
Still, it's lovely in it's own right.
While I as knitting this (and it goes very quickly!),
it reminded me of the mean fish in Finding Nemo.
You know..the one with the light dangling above his snarly face!
This thing ended up being freakishly long.
As in, Dr. Who long.
and I LOVE it!  
I went heavy on the fringe!

Also recently off the needles...

This is the Aphelion Cowl.
Another free pattern!
I modified this pattern, and the link above will take you to my 
Ravelry page,
where I noted my changes.
The yarn.  A dream!  DREAM, I say!
I've got more of this base in a different color for a cardigan.
I need to cake that up and get busy!

So now...
what's ON the needles?

Here are a few!

Somehow...someway...the Lollipop Yarn update fell my way last week
and I scored TWO balls of yumminess!

This one is the Beefcase base in the Best Friend colorway!

I had to cast on promptly!

And because I apparently can't get enough color!
or Miss Babs!

I cast on another Brickless shawl out of the
Deep Sea Jellyfish colorway
of Yowza!

This is how I like my pink!
with RED!  and ORANGE!  and BLACK!  and BROWN! and and and...
all the color!
This is my second Brickless, 
and it won't be the last.
Such a versatile pattern and entertaining knit!

And yet another pair of socks
has also been getting some attention.

These are going to be ankle socks,
so shouldn't take too long!
The yarn is Regia in a Kaffe Fassett colorway!
I started the heel flap last night on this first sock.

What's off & on your needles?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Samplers On Sunday

It's been a great lazy Sunday today!

I've decided to make an effort to work on a sampler on Sundays!
So today....
I started a new one!

Never mind that I have...hmmm....
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
oh never mind.
I have things in progress!
Don't we all?

The urge to start something new was strong!

Ellen Harrison 1889
was the chosen one today!

I loved this quirky sampler as soon as I saw it!
Needle Work Press has fantastic charts,
and this one is no exception!

I pulled an unknown linen from the cupboard
and overdyed it to try and warm it up and darken it at the same time.

I also went thru the thread stash and pulled my own conversion
based on the colors of the antique.
Trying to work this one completely from stash!
A mix of GAST and DMC threads.

I think this may become a weekly post!
Samplers on Sunday!

Would you like to join me?
What are you working on?


Saturday Sewing Success!

Hello!  Happy Sunday!

Well it seems like I've been working on this quilt
from the History Repeated book by Betsy Chutchian,
and I finally, FINALLY finished it last evening!

I started making a conscious decision to SEW on SATURDAYS!
What a concept!  ha!

and it worked!
I finished it!
I may have to stick with this Saturday Sewing mantra!
Excited to think about what the next quilt will be!

What's YOUR next quilt?


Friday, September 19, 2014

Onward! Scraps for You! Scraps for Me!

Well hello and Happy FRIDAY!

Thanks everyone for the messages following my
empty nest sadness yesterday.

I know that's not the norm as far as blog posts go for me,
but it's what was on my mind,
so I hit "Publish".

All is good!

Yes, this is an adjustment.
But all is good!

My kids are spread out in three different states,
and not one of those states is Texas!
And after 20+ years of living the urban life
in a great city,
we are now outside of the city,
in an area under development,
north of Dallas,
so it seems so different!
I suppose because it IS different!

So sometimes, I wish things were the way they used to be!
And then winter arrives up in South Dakota!


So excited to share my quilt scraps!

 They're boxed up and ready to head to their new home.
In New Jersey.
The winner is Kathie!

"OH Miss Pia can you help Mom put these in a box and send them to me, you know how much I love making scrap quilts and making a little quilt with just these scraps would be really a fun project!
I am working on a postage stamp quilt and these would help add to that as well as a few other quilts I can see adding them to ….my log cabin quilt, a strip quilt…
thanks for the chance to win

Kathie, email me your address (kwiltykim at hotmail dot com)
and I'll get them on their way to you!
Can't wait to see what you do with them!

And speaking of scraps.
Scraps for me, 
turned into this!

A nice size for a table top!
And do you see my goof?

How fitting.
A little detour on the trail!

I'm not even going to fib and say I thought about fixing it.
Because I didn't every think about doing that!
I'm leaving it as is!

And it's in the short pile for basting and quilting.

I was sifting thru a couple totes filled with quilt tops and decided these need 
to be quilted!
I need to hop to it!

I also need to get back to this...

Good thing I don't have to fix family meals any more!
Frees up so much time!

Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Thursday

 As I prepared to make a cozy cup of Chai this evening,
I reached into the cupboard and pulled out this great pottery cup
I scored on a thrifty outing, long ago.

At least it seemed long ago.
Ah...Thrifty Thursday


It made me kind of sad.

I've been that way a little bit as of late.
Trying to wrap my head around this empty nest.
The life changes over the past year or so.

I miss some things about living up north.
I do.
The weather isn't one of them.
But our little city was nice.
Tucked away in the great plains.

And life here in Texas is a totally different setting.
We are not in the city.
Though we are just 30 minutes from downtown Dallas.
It's not the same.
We are outside of a small town with seriously one stop light.
And there is not good thrifting anywhere close
that I can find.
And we are without kids popping by,
wondering what I was fixing for supper and could they come over
and join us.

I remind myself the kids were going to move and go and do, 
as kids do when they grow up,
and that we chose to just move that home base south.

I remind myself that this is still home for them.
At midnight last night, I woke from that moment of just falling asleep
and reached for my phone to text my youngest.
He is still up north.
I told him I missed  him.
That he was supposed to be here.
Being a twenty year old, of course he was awake at midnight 
and texted me right back with a reassuring word or two
that he was fine.
That he might still come south.

I can only hope!

Seems we are still trying to figure out this empty nest.
This life outside of a small town.
 Change takes some adjustment.

It's a two-bag chai kinda night tonight!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Ah another Saturday!
Saturdays always hold such promise for me....
to get things done!
We'll see how that goes today!

I received a most wonderful gift
from Sheryl in Australia!

In an earlier post, she had noticed I had used this Brannock & Patek print in blue.
And we seem to both LOVE this pear fabric so much!
She thought I should have some in the other colors,
and I am so appreciative!
I LOVE this print!
Thank you so MUCH, Sheryl!  
I hope the blue print surfaces for you!
I will keep my eye out. 
And if any of you happen to have this print in blue
that you'd be willing to part with for Sheryl,
Please Please Please let me know!

As I was cleaning up in the sewing room,
I discovered some bits and pieces leftover from an earlier quilt.

So earlier this week I laid them out
and sewed them together into a small quilt.

All that's left is to add borders!
So that's on the list today!

I also need to whip up a couple pillowcases to send along with
Avery's Rainbow Yarn Blanket.
And probably should tidy up a bit.

Maybe not!  


What's on your slate for today?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scraps Giveaway!

I've been tidying up the sewing room lately!
It's that time of year again apparently.
Cleaning and organizing of the sewing room isn't limited to spring!
I thought I'd move out the scraps from my current quilt project,
now that the blocks are complete!

It's a bunch of strips.
All are at least 1 1/2" wide.

And there are quite a few.
Enough to make a cozy bed for Miss Pia!
They should all fit in a Flat Rate Box 
for shipping!

I had thought about using them in a string quilt,
but then they would be all the same fabrics as my current quilt.
I like to try and mix things up a bit so my quilts don't all take on that same look.
Do you do that?

So it just seems to be a good idea to move them out and send
them to a new home so someone else can create 
something beautiful!
No worries, Miss Pia! 
I'll cut out a new quilt and you'll have some new scraps to nap on!

If you'd like a chance to win the strip scraps,
just leave a comment here and let me know what you would make with them!

They obviously might have a kitty hair or two on them,
since Miss Pia has used it as her slumbering spot while I sew!

I'll pull a name next week sometime!


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Bright & Cheerful!

I finished up 
Miss Avery's Rainbow Yarn Blanket!

Such a pleasure,
weaving in all those ends!

I used Cascade 220 Superwash
in many colors,
and paired them with the Soft Waves pattern
by Jan Eaton.

Each stripe was three rows,
and I could get 3 stripes out of a ball, 
with about 10 grams left to spare.

Bright and Cheerful!

Just like little Miss Avery, herself!

I'll be wrapping this up and shipping it off
to her up in Nebraska.
Just in time for the chilly autumn air!

I hope she loves it for a long time!