Monday, August 18, 2014

We Interrupt This Patchwork....

I've been enjoying the patchwork process
in leisurely style as of late.
No more power sewing.
Just some piecing here and there.
It suits me.....

for now.

So I've been working on a quilt from

It requires very small half square triangles.
Enter Thangles!

I had to be in the right frame of mind to rip all the papers off,
but the deed was done.

These little pinwheel blocks measure 2" finished.  
Thank you Thangles!

Miss Pia has faithfully joined me
as I sit and sew.

She hunkers down in my tray of strips,
and purrs along with the machine.
And things were getting done!

So excited to see progress!

Saturday I sat down to work on the pieced border.
And just as I was preparing to sew the first piece for the day,
this happened.

Oh my Lord....the powered off.
Never to come back on!!!
I am a bit distraught.
17 years, nary a problem
and then this!
I switched out a fuse, hoping that was the easy fix,
but it still sat in darkness.

I figured I would have to take it in
and see what the diagnosis is.
Thankfully I have soooooo much handwork,
I won't be sitting around twiddling my thumbs,
and won't be in a HUGE rush to find out the verdict.
There was a time when I couldn't even stand taking my machine
in for service, because I didn't want to be separated
for even a day!

But I'm a more well rounded Threadhead now!

This morning I phoned a nearby Bernina dealer.
Initial diagnosis....power supply kaput.
$300 minimum.

What's a girl to do?
I'll tell you what I did!
I ripped into that machine, that's what I did!
And I found the second fuse,
in the power supply.
Took a little work,
but I finagled that sucker out,
popped in a new one,



So, So very happy!

Now Miss Pia won't have to find another
place to nap since the quilt den is still open for business!



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I love Thangles! I use them all the time!

You go girl--who says women aren't resourceful--we are mechanics (among many other titles)

antique quilter said...

wow good for you figuring it out! glad the quilt den is still open :)

Cari said...

Glad the Bernina is on for business. And I love your quilting friend, Miss Pia. She's such a doll.

Katrina said...

Woohoo, glad your Bernina is working well again :-).

Katrina said...
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Karoline said...

WTG on fixing your machine. Your quilt blocks are lovely and that is one comfy kitty :)