Monday, June 02, 2014

Out In The Wild...Glamping

I'm GLAMPING....Camp Loopy style!

I'm in Glamper #4!
Summer camp started yesterday!
Like a giddy kid, I couldn't wait!
Got to cast on a new project!

June project guidelines were to use at least 400 yards 
of any weight yarn and knit something
inspired by your favorite book, movie or TV show!

I chose my inspiration from one of my favorite movies...
Somethings Gotta Give!

This movie is one I LOVE to watch over and over again just so I can see 

I've chosen to use this GORGEOUS yarn
from The Loopy Ewe!
And I'm knitting

Sand & Surf....Surf & Sand
A Beachy Shawl!

Knitting & Glamping.....Glamping & Knitting!

Are you camping too?



troy and christina said...

This is going to be gorgeous. Nice choices.

Margaret said...

So pretty! Love that room. Nope. Not participating. I should be. Oh well.

Henrietta Allegrante said...

Yes, I am in Glamper #1!! Your shawl will be
so pretty, just right for the beach. Have fun!!!

Beth Aalberts said...

I was going to do it, then I decided I already have too much on my plate. Maybe next year.

woolwoman said...

Hi Kim - Yep I'm in Glamper #2 and guess what I'm using Shalimar Breathless in fingering for Metallurgy. I love that Pendulum, it's on my fave list to try. See you around the campfire.

Karoline said...

Nice choice :)

B Ray said...

oh yeah.