Monday, June 30, 2014

Around the Camp Fire!

I finished my Camp Loopy Project One!

You may recall I used the interior of the beach house in
Something's Gotta Give
as my inspiration!

And I chose to knit the Pendulum Shawl
 Oh the SQUISHY!

 The SQUISHY and the soft COLORS!
This yarn...
I'm very pleased and it was actually finished on time!

How about you?
Did you get your Project One finished?
Are you ready to dive in to Project Two?
I didn't purchase any yarn for Project Two, 
so unsure if I will remain at camp.
Lord knows I have enough yarn in stash.
I may stick around for month two....
I may feign homesickness.....



Tania said...

Hi Kim, I love it! It just does look so warm and comfy and squishy! I love that house too.... I can so see myself living there (I wish...) lol x

antique quilter said...

its beautiful!

Jackie said...

Looks very much representative of your inspiration photo. Congrats on your finish!

Margaret said...

It's beautiful! I'll be interested to see if you do a second month project. :D

Woolwoman said...

Very nice finish KIm, good for you for finishing on time. I also finished with just a couple of days to spare. I started Vampyre last night at midnight. We,ll miss you around the campfire if you decide to pack up the camper and go home early. Cheers Mel

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Looks smooth and cuddle worthy! Nice for the cool evenings -- if you have any ;-)

Karoline said...

Lovely project and Miss Pia is too cute :)