Monday, May 05, 2014

Well Spent Time

I've been spending time with my needle lately.

My sampler stitching needle!

I hadn't planned to start anything new, 
and then the new issue of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly
arrived in my mailbox.

I was immediately drawn to this issue 
because of the birds!
Specifically the
1892 M Detlefsen Sampler!

So I pulled out some linen.
Pulled my own threads for the design....

 and I dove in!

 The colors were just so cheerful!
 I posted some progress online
and it quickly became a conversation with
those adept with the German language.
 Did I know this "Anbenken" was misspelled.
Did I know it was supposed to be "Andenken".
Did I know that "Anbenken" doesn't make any sense.

 Photo evidence and a bit of schooling on
reproduction sampler stitching was the answer.
Obviously the 10 year old stitcher stitched a 'b' instead of a 'd'.
I quite enjoy the quirkiness of reproductions.
Missing letters in alphabets.
Misspelled words.
The reason I love stitching repros!

 I'm on to the focal point,
being the BIRD!
That BIRD!

Hoping to have a finish in the near future...

mistakes and all!

How about you?  
Do you embrace the quirky mistakes found
in reproductions?
Do they bother you?



Margaret said...

It's absolutely lovelly! I love your color choices! Interesting about the switched letter. I think those kinds of mistakes are fun! Can't wait to see this all finished.

Natasha said...

that is beautiful, I love the colors in this piece.

I am a terrible speller so it does not bother me with reproductions, heck even some non-reproductions I stitch probably have mistakes made by me and I am okay with that LOL

I can't wait to see more progress

Anne said...

Wonderful progress Kim!! The colours are so pretty. I used to get very upset over mistakes, now I embrace them and make it part of the sampler :D Sometimes I spot their mistakes!!

Chris said...

Love this start, love the colors, LOVE that bird!!

Jackie said...

I love the bright samplers. I would have thought that SANQ would have provided some narrative around the verbiage on the chart. It sounds like an interesting conversation. I don't mind mistakes - though I do struggle with letters outside borders and lack of symmetry. Those things aren't bothering me on Ann Dale (but they did at the beginning and I've worked through it).

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Really pretty! Nice to hear from you. :-)

Tempus fugit said...

I love it ! Congratulations !
Anne - Tempus fugit

Karoline said...

It's looking gorgeous, love the colours you've chosen very delicate

Diane said...

Did she leave out the letter I ?

Lucy said...

What thread do you use?