Thursday, May 22, 2014

Try As I May

I've been trying to work on a new quilt.

Try as I may, I'm just not getting very far!
I've got too many wonderful distractions in my crafty den!

Yarn distractions!

I can hardly stand holding off caking up that lovely Loft yarn up there!

And then there's all of this....

The blocking/seaming pile.
I really need to tackle that!
 And who could possibly resist this
luscious Madelinetosh Vintage!?


Not me!
I've got the cast on done and ready to start 

But this evening I did sit down at the machine and 
pair up some of these.

 And created another pile of these!

Distractions and all,
I will still try to make some good headway
 on this quilt!

What's distracting you lately?



carol fun said...

Such lovely distractions! I know I couldn't resist these goodies either. Pretty pretty yarn - and I just got some of those Hiya Hiya needles - love them! You are making progress on the quilt. I figure every little bit helps. Have fun!

Cari said...

I love all of your distractions…they usually distract me too!! I just roam from one project to another. Luckily I eventually finish one or the other. I really love the quilt pattern you're working on !! Hugs and keep up the good work Kim.

moosecraft said...

Mmmm... those yarns are luscious! Of course, I love the pinwheel quilt too! What keeps distracting me is all the new quilt patterns and projects being released and I haven't started any of the older ones I have? lol! I've been watching videos from Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh... ther's at least a dozen coming soon quilts I "need" to stitch!

Beth Aalberts said...

I think I tried to start that quilt too, what book is that from? If it's the same one, I got like one block done and dropped the ball. Those little pinwheels are intense.

Margaret said...

Your distractions are distracting me big time. OMG, what a post! Full of wonderful yarn, beautiful projects -- and that quilt!!!! Sigh. You are torturing me. I've been dreaming about kitting up a boxy sweater all afternoon, thanks to you. I'm supposed to be good, so it's not a good thing. lol!

Sherry :o) said...

Oh but that made me feel good - I have a similar area in my sewing room. Actually, who am I kidding - I have a couple areas that look like your table...and sometimes I start on something and have to move on 'cuz something else attracts my attention. Love your yarns - they sure are beautiful!!

Karoline said...

Such gorgeous distractions, love all that yarn. I'm currently flitting between knitting my son a jumper, stitching, dress making and quilting...

woolwoman said...

OH wow - I have been wanting to try Loft - let me know what you think - your color choices are so "MEL" - Is that MT Vintage Cove?? I have 4 skeins of MT cove stashed away waiting for the perfect project, Don't think I have nuff to KAL with you on Boxy.
Love your quilty goodness too. Looks like you have your distractions in order - YGG - Mel

Lucy said...

Love to look at your scraps on your table :-)

Lucy said...

Love to look at your scraps on your table :-)