Monday, March 31, 2014

Is There A Cure For This?

So I've seriously been overtaken with fiber fumes!
It's bad.
In the best sort of way!

If I'm Sittin'...I'm Knittin'
True statement.

I dream about knitting.
True statement.
I don't think I mentioned this past month
that I was knitting another sweater!

But you knew that if you follow me on Instagram.
It was a FAST knit!
Long Sands Cardigan knit with Cascade Ecological Wool

And here it is in its current state...

Ready and waiting for seaming and blocking.

Along with all of these...

Also waiting for seaming and/or blocking!
It's that whole procrastinating thing again!
I really need to tackle that pile!

And I had some Jade Mongolian Cashmere beckoning to me...

so I thought it needed to be a Hitchhiker.
And it's knitting up very nice, 
so I think it agrees!

And I'm ALMOST done with the second sock

knitting out of Berroco Sox.  Hopefully they'll be done and in my sock
drawer by the end of the week!

And then maybe I'll cast on something new!
Because I hit up the DFW Fiberfest this past weekend....
and was overcome by those fiber fumes again.
Before I knew it,
I had added to the stash....

is there a cure for this?

Never mind...I don't want to know!



Charlene ♥ SC said...

Pretty knitting and fibers galore! Enjoy the fumes ;-)

Margaret said...

Definitely don't want a cure. I love knitting! Love fibers! Love stash! lol!

Jackie said...

I'm not advocating for a cure!

I have to say that I'm not fond of blocking at all. I can see your reluctance to do that and seaming.

Knitting is guilt free!

woolwoman said...

there is no cure for this deadly disease I fear! GF you better get to that finishing you could be wearing those in the last gasp of winter. Love your new Hitchhiker, I need to do one of those. Glad you are taking solace in your knitting. Its a must have in my life too. Mel

Karoline said...

Hmm, I think you have a terminal case ;). Lovely knits, enjoy