Thursday, February 13, 2014


There's been lots of knitting going on!
I did, indeed, finish up my Obstacles wrap the other day.

Obstacles Wrap - Anne Hanson/Knitspot - Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga Florida Blue Centipede
 And there it sits....
along with the pieces of my Hayward sweater!
Waiting for blocking.....and the sweater still  needs seamed too!
In my defense, I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find
one of the large gridded blocking boards.
Do you think I can find one?  OMG it's ridiculous!
I thought I had found one online finally,
only to get my payment refunded saying they are backordered.
the pile to be blocked grows.

In the meantime,
I did decide to participate in the Ravellenics!

And being a huge knitting podcast JUNKIE with a capital J...

 I joined Team Sasquatch!

I'm participating in Sock Hockey 
and the Hat Halfpipe!

That's String Theory Colorworks Entanglement yarn in the Temporal Rift colorway
on the left....and on the right...squish Bugga! from The Verdant Gryphon
in the Western Corsair colorway. 

 If you aren't familiar with the Ravellenics,
the intent is that you challenge your knitting self with a project 
or projects during the span of the Olympic Games.
There are "events" and you "compete"...
though actually you're competing against yourself!

So I decided to challenge myself by knitting a complete pair of socks...
my first PATTERNED socks, mind you...
a Sockhead hat
during the Winter Games.

And I must say things are going well!
I cast on promptly at 10:00am, Friday February 7.
Which is when the opening ceremonies began over in Russia.
And I already have one done and off the needles!!!

The Sockhead Hat came off the needles last night!

Amazing Focus!  
Amazing STAMINA!

On to that second sock....
stay tuned!

U S A     U S A    U S A 


Margaret said...

I've been enjoying watching your ravellenics on instagram. :D Bummer on the blocking tools. So just drying on a towel on a table won't do?? I'm lost when it comes to blocking. I'm going to follow your lead. lolol!

Chris said...

Looks like a gold medal finish to me :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Lots of gold there!