Sunday, February 23, 2014

On The Podium!


The Ravellenics was a success!
Not only did I finish this Sockhead Hat 

 Which was my Hat Halfpipe Event

But...I also finished my first ever patterned socks!

I used String Theory Colorworks Self Striping yarn.
I was so surprised I finished them!
I seriously reconsidered my participation in Sock Hockey
with my first patterned sock, but...
they flew off the needles!

So...with 6 days remaining in the Ravellenics,
I decided to set a stretch goal for myself!
Could I pound out a pair of plain vanilla socks
 before the Games closing ceremony?

I pulled out some DK Regia sock yarn
from DEEP DEEP DEEP stash...
and cast on!

And this morning....

I did it!!!
In the span of 16 days
I knit a Sockhead hat and two pair of socks!
I still can't quite believe the level of productivity!
I LOVE the Ravellenics!
I think I've got it in me to return again in four years!



Margaret said...

Your needles just flew during these Olympics! Amazing, and everything is gorgeous too!

Jackie said...

You were a machine! I've been watching on IG with my mouth open just amazed at how much you've gotten done! Congrats!

Summer Olympics are in two years so you won't have to wait so long....

Chris said...

Congratulations! The socks and hat are wonderful :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Too funny and very productive you've got those needles smoking

Karoline said...

Congratulations on the podium finish! Hat and socks are lovely