Thursday, January 02, 2014

Well Hello There 2014! Stepping Back & Rekindling

Happy New Year!  Are you excited for that fresh calendar start?  Did you make resolutions?  Start a new quilt?  Start a new sampler?  Cast on a new knitting project?  

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I did not start a new quilt. Nor a new sampler. Nor cast on some fabulous knitting project. Can you believe it?  Nope. I didn't. And I actually planned to NOT start anything new. Lord knows I have enough in the works already so I'm just going to stay the course and keep working on what's already in progress!  That's my plan!  

Lets not kid ourselves....of course I seriously thought about starting a new sampler. And a new quilt. But then I told myself "What's the rush?"  I have things in various stages of completion. Projects I genuinely love!  And I want to finish them!  So I stepped back....and I'm okay with that decision!  

Taking a step back is good for me!  Makes me actually see all that is in front of me waiting for more attention. It also made me see that my creative stash is abundant, to say the least!  Which led me to the decision to seriously work solely from stash and curb stash purchases. For a while. 

"A while". A nice broad sweeping term, don't you think?  (Wink)

Honestly though, I don't honestly see myself purchasing any fabric...for a very long time. I've got a quilt in progress, and four more waiting in the wings to be started. I have no need for fabric, so feel pretty confident that I can abstain from fabric purchases for an indefinite amount of time!  Dare I say this whole year?  Perhaps. 

Stitching. Samplers samplers samplers. Yes I have plenty in progress. Yes I have plenty kitted up. And yet yes I want to purchase more stitching stash!  But. I've decided I need to finish at least three samplers currently in progress before I can add to the sampler stash. This is doable. 

Knitting. The yarrrrrrrn. Oh the yarn. My soft spot!  But seriously I've got at least 35 projects paired with stash yarn in my Ravelry queue. I have at least five sweater quantities waiting to be transformed into sweaters. It's kind of ridiculous in a mad creative sort of way. You understand, right?  Teehee. So I'm really working on knitting down that stash a bit!  I told myself no more sweater quantities or major yarn enhancements until the DFW FiberFest this spring (sock yarn doesn't count right?) and I'm working on that queue!

What it really boils down to is me telling myself I have more than enough. Way more than enough. Enough to quench any creative thirst I may have. So instead of looking online and to new stash, I'm revisiting all the stash I have that I loved when I purchased it.....just need to rekindle that!  

And speaking of rekindling.....I seem to have fallen off the blog realm for extended periods of time in 2013 and I've really missed posting regularly. So I'm rekindling my blog too.  Yep. I am!  I'm dusting off my "real" camera....though the iPhone is super handy....and going to concentrate on content again!  

Look out 2014!  Here I come!



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Missed you! Oh, I so understand the stash and the WIPs

Laurie in Iowa said...

I have the same plans as you for the new year... shop from my stash of stitching and quilting related stuff.
Let's hope I can stick with this resolution for the new year.

Jackie said...

I'd love to see which of your WIPs/UFOs are getting your attention first this year! I want to finish some things too and already started that focus with my quilting projects. It's been so long though since I started something new that I did start 2 new stitching projects. Happy New Year!

Cari said...

Happy Happy New Year !!

Anonymous said...

Miss you blog posting - your posts are always SO much fun and it is wonderful to see what you are working on - for me the New Year's start was Ann Hull from SANQ - swoon - she is a beauty! Happy New Years - Paula in Canada - Kelmscott Designs

Katrina said...

Happy, happy new year!!!! Looking forward to watching your progress on all your projects.

Margaret said...

I like your being on the stash wagon idea. I'm going to do my best to curb my purchases too, but I doubt I can stop altogether. Exhibit A -- went to the LNS today to pick up my quilting, and bought a couple of charts. lolol! Looking forward to more posts. Love your Instagram, but boy, are you too dangerous for words. lol!