Friday, January 24, 2014

Well Hello, Obstacles!

When last we spoke,
I was digging some poor neglected yarn from the depths of a knitting bag.

And here's what I unearthed!

How could I have left this to languish in the bottom of a knitting 
bag for so long?  
My Ravelry page shows a start date of August 19....

Yep...seems I knit one repeat and
banished it away.

Well no more.
It's out of the darkness!

And I've got a few more repeats done!
 The pattern is Obstacles by Anne Hanson aka Knitspot.
Brilliant pattern.
The yarn.
Skinny Bugga by Sanguine Gryphon
(now known as The Verdant Gryphon AND Cephalopod Yarns)

Colorway is Florida blue Centipede
Lovely variable blues.

It's difficult to see the pattern in the pics.
Let's try this angle with no flash...

You still can't see the pattern.
It will unveil itself with blocking.
But here you can see the texture.

I hope the yarn variegation
doesn't compete too much with the
lace pattern.

The pattern is a 16 row repeat.
29 times.
I've now knit 8 repeats.
I figure if I do at least one repeat every day,
or almost every day....
I can have this done by the end of February!

Of course if I would just knit monogamously....

but yeah...


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've already cast
on a new pair of socks.
And I've got a couple sweaters waiting to be cast on as well!

So a goal of end of February
for something that's been abandoned
for over a year
sounds like a pretty good plan to me!



Laurie in Iowa said...

This was well worth digging out of the bottom of your knitting bag. Beautiful yarn colors!

Margaret said...

I'm in love with this one -- so beautiful! Doing my best to put the blinders on. lol!

Melody said...

What a pretty yarn color! I'm glad you unearthed it and started working on it again.

Deb said...

That is so pretty. I love the yarn and now have to look up the pattern! You're such an enabler! :o)

Beth Aalberts said...

That's really pretty. I'm fairly monogamous when it comes to my knitting, but quilting now, that's another story!

Karoline said...

That looks far too nice to spend any longer at the bottom of your bag.