Sunday, January 05, 2014

Glorious Sights

Hello and happy Sunday!
The 12th Day of Christmas!

I thought I'd share some sights I find to be glorious
at the moment!


It's a collapsing yarn cake! 
Oh glorious!  
That means I'm getting close to the end
of my Elinya Shawl!

I'm loving the squishy squishy garter stitch!
Even it is miles and miles of mindless knitting.
I'm hoping to get this one wrapped up while
I watch football today!

And look!

No snow in sight!  
No clean white snow.
No dirty snow.
Just NO SNOW!'s a welcome change!

I've got a quilt waiting for me too.
Is there anything more glorious than a pile of finished blocks?

Hmmm...maybe pressed and cut setting squares
would be good!  ha!

I'll get to the quilt later this week 
or maybe next weekend.
This weekend I want to focus on that shawl!

And my stitching fingers are itching 
to pick up these absolutely
GLORIOUS Needle Needs frames!

I seriously LOVE these frames and how tight they keep my linen!
Tight as a drum! 
There are two projects up there that I will be focusing on!
Two WIPs
Birds of a Feather and Maria Selby Humphrey 1831
both by Blackbird Designs 
I know the frames will make the stitching a much
more pleasurable experience!
I may even spring for a floor stand, 
but haven't decided yet.

 Thanks to everyone for your messages of
support and total understanding of the working
from stash effort I'm undertaking! many projects I've purchased supplies for
that I am excited about making,
so its time to stop looking for MORE MORE MORE
and focus on what's on progress AND waiting!
I'm excited about it!

One last parting glorious sight...

the sight of a bright sunshiney January 5
with no snow in sight!
And no...there will be no swimming, yet...
 but the sparkly blue pool
still looks nice in the dead of winter! 

Off I go to pick up those knitting needles
and make headway on the Elinya shawl!

What are you working on today?



woolwoman said...

All looks great Kim - Yes its nice to get to the finish of a comforting garter stitch project. I admire you for not starting anything new WHEW what restraint! Enjoy all the blue skies and NO SNOW ! happy new year to you ! Mel

Margaret said...

I'm totally envious of your lack of snow. I need to move somewhere warm, that's all there is to it. I'm sick of winter. lol! Love seeing your projects. Bet you're excited for a finish on the shawl! I like mindless knitting sometimes. The Needle Needs frames look ready and waiting! Love those quilt blocks. Sigh.

Jackie said...

I'm super interested in hearing about how you like the frames without using a stand. Especially how heavy you find them.

Beautiful projects! I did start a couple of new things but started very little last year. Very Little.

Chris said...

Wow! Kim. Your stitching excitement is catching. Lovely new starts and the frames look like they work really well. I am trying to do the stitch from stash thing too!! I need to be strong!!
Have a great week!

Cari-in-VA said...

Love, love the Birds of a Feather pattern and actually pulled it out of my stash - may have to be my February start!