Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Third of the Way

Hello!  Happy Thursday evening!
Are you enduring the week?
Ready for Friday?
I know I am! 


One of those weeks.
But...I've gotten a bit of stitching time in and look!

Big Red House (La D Da)  Charted threads and mystery linen

A finish!  I'm a third of the way to the green light for 
stitching stash enhancement! 

Next up for my stitching focus...

 I'll concentrate on Birds of a Feather. 
This one is loaded in one of my new Needle Needs frames and I have to say
I am in awe of how taut it keeps my linen! 
Jackie had asked if I would share how I like working with the frame without a stand,
and whether it is heavy.  
Well, Jackie, I can say I do not find it heavy!  
This one is loaded in the frame with the longer side arms, so it's a bit...hmm...what's the word.  
It seems quite large to hold, but it's not heavy and not even really difficult to hold! 
I'm really enjoying using it!
That said, I am stalking the website to see when the stands are back in stock
and will make a decision at that time.
I've tried various floor stands for quilting etc and find I really like to get up close and personal with my needlework, so not sure how that floor stand would work for me.  
Though I'm guessing I could get used to the floor stand 
and then could use the two handed method for stitching,
instead of my usual stick & stab.

But for now....
it's stick & stab....
and Birds of a Feather!

A Third of the Way on the WIPs!



valerie said...

Congrats on your new finish! I love that BBD Birds of a Feather designs and look forward to seeing your progress. I am very curious about the millennium frame too.

Cari said...

Love it….beautiful work as usual !! Hugs

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nice finish good insight on the frame

Jackie said...

I've not seen that BBD piece - it's really pretty!

How long is your frame? I really need to spend some time with mine and see if it would work well for me. Maybe I'll mount one of my new projects. To me, most stands seem to require a very straight up or forward leaning posture. I like to get cozy on the couch so I lean a bit backwards. Not sure a stand would work for me but if so, the one you're talking about is the style I'd get. Glad it's working for you!

Margaret said...

The colors in your finish are just gorgeous. Love love love it!

BrendaS said...

Fabulous finish and I love your new start as well!

Thanks for sharing

Cherie said...

Kim, I have a bunch of BBDesigns crossstitch patterns that I was wondering if you would like? Most are new and in perfect condition. One is signed by Alma to me and for some reason I put an address label on one... If you're interested email me!

Chris said...

Gorgeous finish and new start Kim!!