Monday, January 20, 2014

A Miracle?

Is it a MIRACLE?


Monogamous Knitting?

It's Monogamous Knitting!  Who KNEW that if you concentrate on one project at a time,
you get completed projects!

It's amazing how easy it is to focus on what's already on the needles,
when you remove the temptation of buying MORE, MORE, MORE!

It's January 20, and I haven't purchased any yarn or other creative stash!
Aaaah....feels good!

And since I haven't been online perusing for MORE, MORE, MORE
yarn and such, I've been knitting things that have been here all along!

Knit with Garn Opal Hundertwasser self patterning yarn in colorway 1435.

Here's a pair of Fraternal Twin Vanilla Socks!
Finally done!  
These have lived in my purse, and then relocated to their spot beside the couch.
And now they're in my dresser drawer!

And this...
Hayward from Brooklyn Tweed.  Knit in Bugga! Yarn from The Verdant Gryphon in colorway American Rubyspot.
this, my friends, is a sweater.
Well, okay...not YET.  BUT...
it is a sweater front,
a sweater back,
and TWO sleeves!
Ready for blocking and then seaming...
and THEN it will be a sweater!
How exciting is that??

And now I'm giddy pulling a couple other things out of the
depths of knitting bags 
to finish and enjoy!

Don't get me wrong...
I am ITCHING to buy more yarn.
But I've got enough to keep me busy for now!

I will be taking a trip in to check out the Woolie Ewe this week
most likely.  I need to pick up some real gridded blocking board mats
for that sweater!  
And I've already told myself if I do leave with yarn, 
it will be completely acceptable because The Dear Hubs got me a big ol' gift
card to the Woolie Ewe for Christmas!  So it's expected!

But for now...
I'm going to pull out something that's been hiding in a knitting bag
for a while now.  

Until next time!



carol fun said...

LOL -Monogamous Knitting! I am not familar with this concept, but I'm sure I could benefit from it. Love the socks and that sweater is a gorgeous color. That Bugga yarn has a lovely feel. Have fun at the yarn store!

Margaret said...

Love love love!! I definitely need to start some monogamous knitting. I hope I can put the blinders on. Of course, you don't help matters. You enabler you. Can't wait for the big reveal of your Hayward sweater! Love those socks....

Cari said...

Beautiful knitting Kim. Bet the Hayward sweater will be over-the-top !! Happy Day !!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Such beautiful knit finishes, and some pretty terrific stitching in that previous post, too! Looks like a winning winter :-)