Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Couple More

Hello and happy Tuesday evening!
When last we spoke, I was headed back to the sewing room to tend to a quilt in progress!

 My indigo and white Double T blocks have been
sorely neglected!

But no more...

It needs a good stiff press,
but otherwise it's done and ready for quilting!

I based this quilt on a photo of an antique quilt that Betsy Chutchian had pinned on Pinterest 
 Oh my gosh, as I look at that photo, it sure needs some trimming a good pressing!
Ignore that!  haha!
I did a simple 3 x 4 set (12" blocks w/a 17" diagonal measurement) and will quilt it like the inspiration photo and 
it will be bound in an indigo print.  Perfect size for the couch!

When I finished this up last night, I looked over and realized I 
haven't shown you the finished cheddar bowties gifted to me on my birthday 
by my friend, Karen!

 While I wanted to use up as many of the blocks as possible,
I did NOT want to piece any more.  I'm kind of lazy that way sometimes!
So I sewed pairs and then pairs and then pairs 
and ended up with a long skinny quilt top.
Not only was I too lazy to make more blocks, 
I was also too lazy to unsew ANYTHING, so I left it long and skinny
and did a little stash diving to find some border fabric.

 Not only did this great red repro print echo the cheddar in the blocks,
I also thought the vertical nature of the print was perfect since
I only intended to add borders on the sides!

 Wow my flash really messes up that lovely cheddar!
This photo is more accurate...

So there you have it.
A couple more quilt tops to add to the pile!

Now I have only an applique quilt in progress,
so I'll have to think about what my next patchwork project will be!
I've got several in mind!



Margaret said...

I'm in love with both quilt tops. Just gorgeous! I love your solution for the long skinny bow ties. That border fabric sets it off so nicely! I want to see more of that applique quilt. I know exactly which one it is. I have to save up money for that kit......

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm in love with your lovely cheddar fabric! The double T quilt looks fabulous. You accomplish so much!

Barb said...

great double "t" i love that block.
wonderful bow ties too. that cheddar is so great.

The Sampler Girl said...

Stunning work! Your handwork always inspires me. Lovely.

Jeanne said...

Lookin' good Kim and love your scarf finish from your last post. You are really churning out the quilts...I've slowed down quite a bit with my quilting as I really have no place to put the finishes ones anyway. I'm sure one of these days I'll run into a quilt I have to drop everything and make LOL. Have a great year Kim.