Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes...THAT Color!

I thought I'd share my progress 
on the 
Birds of a Feather sampler
by Blackbird Designs

 I apologize up front for the pic being so washed out!
The lighting was not cooperative today!
I'm using the NPI silks
and a lovely darkish Lakeside Linens Vintage Pearled Barley,
though you wouldn't believe it from this pic!
Trust me!

I always thought it was the REDS that
were making me ga-ga over this sampler.
The REDS and the Southwestern feel 
of the piece overall.

It was love at first sight.

But as I stitch it...
it's clear that it's more than the REDS.

You see, today I stitched 
this guy...

And then I knew.
It wasn't the REDS, after all!

When I look around me,
it's obvious.

It's THAT color...

NPI 525

Yes...THAT color!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Well Hello, Obstacles!

When last we spoke,
I was digging some poor neglected yarn from the depths of a knitting bag.

And here's what I unearthed!

How could I have left this to languish in the bottom of a knitting 
bag for so long?  
My Ravelry page shows a start date of August 19....

Yep...seems I knit one repeat and
banished it away.

Well no more.
It's out of the darkness!

And I've got a few more repeats done!
 The pattern is Obstacles by Anne Hanson aka Knitspot.
Brilliant pattern.
The yarn.
Skinny Bugga by Sanguine Gryphon
(now known as The Verdant Gryphon AND Cephalopod Yarns)

Colorway is Florida blue Centipede
Lovely variable blues.

It's difficult to see the pattern in the pics.
Let's try this angle with no flash...

You still can't see the pattern.
It will unveil itself with blocking.
But here you can see the texture.

I hope the yarn variegation
doesn't compete too much with the
lace pattern.

The pattern is a 16 row repeat.
29 times.
I've now knit 8 repeats.
I figure if I do at least one repeat every day,
or almost every day....
I can have this done by the end of February!

Of course if I would just knit monogamously....

but yeah...


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've already cast
on a new pair of socks.
And I've got a couple sweaters waiting to be cast on as well!

So a goal of end of February
for something that's been abandoned
for over a year
sounds like a pretty good plan to me!


Monday, January 20, 2014

A Miracle?

Is it a MIRACLE?


Monogamous Knitting?

It's Monogamous Knitting!  Who KNEW that if you concentrate on one project at a time,
you get completed projects!

It's amazing how easy it is to focus on what's already on the needles,
when you remove the temptation of buying MORE, MORE, MORE!

It's January 20, and I haven't purchased any yarn or other creative stash!
Aaaah....feels good!

And since I haven't been online perusing for MORE, MORE, MORE
yarn and such, I've been knitting things that have been here all along!

Knit with Garn Opal Hundertwasser self patterning yarn in colorway 1435.

Here's a pair of Fraternal Twin Vanilla Socks!
Finally done!  
These have lived in my purse, and then relocated to their spot beside the couch.
And now they're in my dresser drawer!

And this...
Hayward from Brooklyn Tweed.  Knit in Bugga! Yarn from The Verdant Gryphon in colorway American Rubyspot.
this, my friends, is a sweater.
Well, okay...not YET.  BUT...
it is a sweater front,
a sweater back,
and TWO sleeves!
Ready for blocking and then seaming...
and THEN it will be a sweater!
How exciting is that??

And now I'm giddy pulling a couple other things out of the
depths of knitting bags 
to finish and enjoy!

Don't get me wrong...
I am ITCHING to buy more yarn.
But I've got enough to keep me busy for now!

I will be taking a trip in to check out the Woolie Ewe this week
most likely.  I need to pick up some real gridded blocking board mats
for that sweater!  
And I've already told myself if I do leave with yarn, 
it will be completely acceptable because The Dear Hubs got me a big ol' gift
card to the Woolie Ewe for Christmas!  So it's expected!

But for now...
I'm going to pull out something that's been hiding in a knitting bag
for a while now.  

Until next time!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Third of the Way

Hello!  Happy Thursday evening!
Are you enduring the week?
Ready for Friday?
I know I am! 


One of those weeks.
But...I've gotten a bit of stitching time in and look!

Big Red House (La D Da)  Charted threads and mystery linen

A finish!  I'm a third of the way to the green light for 
stitching stash enhancement! 

Next up for my stitching focus...

 I'll concentrate on Birds of a Feather. 
This one is loaded in one of my new Needle Needs frames and I have to say
I am in awe of how taut it keeps my linen! 
Jackie had asked if I would share how I like working with the frame without a stand,
and whether it is heavy.  
Well, Jackie, I can say I do not find it heavy!  
This one is loaded in the frame with the longer side arms, so it's a bit...hmm...what's the word.  
It seems quite large to hold, but it's not heavy and not even really difficult to hold! 
I'm really enjoying using it!
That said, I am stalking the website to see when the stands are back in stock
and will make a decision at that time.
I've tried various floor stands for quilting etc and find I really like to get up close and personal with my needlework, so not sure how that floor stand would work for me.  
Though I'm guessing I could get used to the floor stand 
and then could use the two handed method for stitching,
instead of my usual stick & stab.

But for now....
it's stick & stab....
and Birds of a Feather!

A Third of the Way on the WIPs!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Couple More

Hello and happy Tuesday evening!
When last we spoke, I was headed back to the sewing room to tend to a quilt in progress!

 My indigo and white Double T blocks have been
sorely neglected!

But no more...

It needs a good stiff press,
but otherwise it's done and ready for quilting!

I based this quilt on a photo of an antique quilt that Betsy Chutchian had pinned on Pinterest 
 Oh my gosh, as I look at that photo, it sure needs some trimming a good pressing!
Ignore that!  haha!
I did a simple 3 x 4 set (12" blocks w/a 17" diagonal measurement) and will quilt it like the inspiration photo and 
it will be bound in an indigo print.  Perfect size for the couch!

When I finished this up last night, I looked over and realized I 
haven't shown you the finished cheddar bowties gifted to me on my birthday 
by my friend, Karen!

 While I wanted to use up as many of the blocks as possible,
I did NOT want to piece any more.  I'm kind of lazy that way sometimes!
So I sewed pairs and then pairs and then pairs 
and ended up with a long skinny quilt top.
Not only was I too lazy to make more blocks, 
I was also too lazy to unsew ANYTHING, so I left it long and skinny
and did a little stash diving to find some border fabric.

 Not only did this great red repro print echo the cheddar in the blocks,
I also thought the vertical nature of the print was perfect since
I only intended to add borders on the sides!

 Wow my flash really messes up that lovely cheddar!
This photo is more accurate...

So there you have it.
A couple more quilt tops to add to the pile!

Now I have only an applique quilt in progress,
so I'll have to think about what my next patchwork project will be!
I've got several in mind!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Well Hello Monday!

It never fails!  
Monday always rolls back around!
So may as well greet that day and embrace it!

I can say that now that it's past 5:00!
In case you were wondering, even if you work from home,
a Monday is still a MONDAY!!

I just popped dinner in the oven,

 Looked interesting, and since I like all of the ingredients,
well, surely it can't taste that bad huh?
I'll let you know!

In the meantime, this weekend I finished up my 
Koigu scarf,

 and I have to say I love it!
I wasn't sure as I was knitting it...
thinking it may be too pink/purple-y for me,
but nope....I love it!

I didn't kitchener the two ends 
(it's knit in two halves and them seamed together 
so you have a mirror image of the pattern on both sides)
instead electing for the more simple
ladder seaming...
also known as a design element!

 It works for me and I'll know exactly where center is 
on the back of my neck!
It was a super easy and fun knit!

After dinner, I'll be heading back there...

to work on that quilt that's laying
there on my 'design floor'.
If you see any dirt on my floor,
please ignore it,
because that's what I'll be doing as I head back there!

How was your Monday?


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Enabled Elinya

I blame Deb for this.  And I thank her for it, too!
She pinned this pattern on Pinterest a while back.
And into my Ravelry queue it went!
Though she didn't even remember pinning it,
I still blame her! 

Thanks, Deb!
So glad to be in the company of a great enabler!


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tuesday Things

Happy Tuesday!
How was your day?
Are you keeping warm?
Hope so!
I finished the Elinya Shawl last night!

It's currently blocking....

and I am quite pleased to have a WIP
off the needles!  
I'll get some proper shots of it once it's dry!

And speaking of WIPs....

 look what I found!
Big Red House....a small WIP!
You know where this is leading, right? 
I'm going to concentrate on this one for a bit 
and if I finish it, it will go toward my
 "3 sampler WIPs done before starting something new" thing!
And besides that, I love this design, so it will be a win-win!

The sun was really shining in thru the front window
this evening, when I ventured out of the office and into the family room.

Like most of you, 
we've had unusually cold temps for the area,
but given the fact that we recently left South Dakota after 23 WINTERS,
we're not complaining too much about this Texas winter at all!
The heat pump...and our electric bill...that's another story.
Let's just say it's a good thing I'm not spending $$$ on new stash for a bit!

If you follow me on Instagram (kwiltykimknits2),
then you know I started a chevron scarf project a bit ago.
 It's a free pattern called "Favorite Scarf Ever"
and you can find it here.
I've had two skeins of Koigu in deep stash for years, so thought it was time to get them out
and make something with it already!  
I've got half of it done.  It's knit in two halves and then seamed or grafted together.
I'm going to opt for the simple seaming instead of kitchener.
It's going to be on the back of my neck.  It will be a design element!
But perhaps I'm getting way ahead of myself!  I need to get the other half knit up!
That's what I will work on this evening.

Though I should be working on this...

Just as I was slow to get in the spirit and decorate
(maybe something to do with the first time ever empty nest Christmas),
well now, I don't want the glow of the tree to go away, 
so it's still up.

What's another night or so, right?


Sunday, January 05, 2014

Glorious Sights

Hello and happy Sunday!
The 12th Day of Christmas!

I thought I'd share some sights I find to be glorious
at the moment!


It's a collapsing yarn cake! 
Oh glorious!  
That means I'm getting close to the end
of my Elinya Shawl!

I'm loving the squishy squishy garter stitch!
Even it is miles and miles of mindless knitting.
I'm hoping to get this one wrapped up while
I watch football today!

And look!

No snow in sight!  
No clean white snow.
No dirty snow.
Just NO SNOW!  
aaaah....it's a welcome change!

I've got a quilt waiting for me too.
Is there anything more glorious than a pile of finished blocks?

Hmmm...maybe pressed and cut setting squares
would be good!  ha!

I'll get to the quilt later this week 
or maybe next weekend.
This weekend I want to focus on that shawl!

And my stitching fingers are itching 
to pick up these absolutely
GLORIOUS Needle Needs frames!

I seriously LOVE these frames and how tight they keep my linen!
Tight as a drum! 
There are two projects up there that I will be focusing on!
Two WIPs
Birds of a Feather and Maria Selby Humphrey 1831
both by Blackbird Designs 
I know the frames will make the stitching a much
more pleasurable experience!
I may even spring for a floor stand, 
but haven't decided yet.

 Thanks to everyone for your messages of
support and total understanding of the working
from stash effort I'm undertaking!
Seriously....so many projects I've purchased supplies for
that I am excited about making,
so its time to stop looking for MORE MORE MORE
and focus on what's on hand..in progress AND waiting!
I'm excited about it!

One last parting glorious sight...

the sight of a bright sunshiney January 5
with no snow in sight!
And no...there will be no swimming, yet...
 but the sparkly blue pool
still looks nice in the dead of winter! 

Off I go to pick up those knitting needles
and make headway on the Elinya shawl!

What are you working on today?