Friday, November 22, 2013

Hellooooooo!!!! and a Sampler Stitchers Paying It Forward - A Giveaway!

It's been a few weeks since I posted, and yes...
I'm still knitting!

 Finally checked a Clapotis off my 'to knit' list! 
I used Noro Silk Garden Sock with some modifications to the size.

 I was in need of some instant gratification,
so I knit up a few new dish cloths.

And I've been working on my Hayward sweater...

 ...still.  Almost to the sleeves!

And there's always a sock...

And I decided to cast on the Elinya shawl...
I know.....
don't judge!  ;o)

And lest you think I've forgotten about the stitching...

I also started this great Blackbird Designs piece...
Birds of a Feather.  
I've been wanting to stitch it for a long time,
and the Instagram factor sent me over the edge!
Are you on Instagram? 
I am... kwiltykimknits2!  Would love to follow you!

And look what I splurged on!!!

Needle Needs Frames!!! 
See!  I AM still serious about the stitching!
I can't wait for these to arrive!

I am amazed at the friendly, generous, kind people I have met via social media!
One such person (hi Gretchen!) on Facebook saw a post of mine
about sampler stitching.  
She messaged me to say that she had recently moved her mother, an avid stitcher,
 into an assisted living facility.
Her sight is not what it once was, 
and she will never be able to stitch everything in her stash.
She offered to send me a box of her stash!!
I was beside myself.  
So I agreed, 
with the promise that I would do two things.
Send her mother a letter to thank her for sharing her stash
Pay it forward.
The box was literally packed full.
More than I could ever use!
I'm paying it forward by offering a portion for a giveaway!

this is packed into a flat rate medium box,
ready to ship off to it's new home!
Charts with linen!
Charts with linen AND floss!
Would you like to continue the Pay It Forward?
If you would like to continue the kindness, just leave a comment on this post 
indicating your willingness to continue the movement!
I'll send the winner this box of stash,
and if there's something you don't need or isn't in your taste,
please have your own giveaway
and pay it forward!
And if you'd like to drop a letter
to this lovely woman,
let me know!  
I am certain she would love to read letters from fellow sampler stitchers!

I'll draw a winner on Black Friday!!!  
Tell your friends! 
Tis the season.....



Anne said...

Hi Kim. I've been a needlepointer for years but am just finding my way back to cross stitch. My fondness has always been for samplers. I would love the chance to begin cross stitching again and would also enjoy "paying it forward". Thank you for the consideration! Anne

lynda said...

I would love a chance and would be very happy to continue to pay it forward. Thank you so much!

Carole said...

I would love to be included in the give away....I think " pay it forward" is a terrific idea.....I have soooo many charts that were bought with "I better get it may be hard to get later on" and tastes change! This would be a great way to thin out stashes!

Dorothy said...

Wow! what a lovely amount of stitcheries. I'd be happy with a tiny bundle to enjoy and pass on in your 'Pay it Forward' with some of my own.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Awesome--count me in--I have things to share also

Robin said...

OMGosh! This is awesome. There looks to be some great patterns in the loot. Yes, please countme in. I'd love to pay it forward.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your Clapotis finish!

I'd love a chance to win! I'm sure this stitcher is happy that her stash went to your loving home!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Great projects you are working on !
What a treat to be gifted beautiful stitching projects. ;)
And, how very generous of you to share !

Chris said...

Great update Kim! You have been knitting a lot! Such gorgeous rich colors.
I like your new stitching project too.
What a great box of charts.
There are lovely things in it.
Have a great weekend!

Heritage Hall said...

Would love to be included in the
pay it forward endeavor. I have a
bin of Paternayan needlepoint/
crewel wool that I could also break down into medium flat rate
boxes and pay forward...anyone

Heritage Hall said...

I meant I wish to be included in the sampler endeavor, but
also have the wool to offer.
It is early....

Margaret said...

I'm enjoying your knitting endeavors and hope every time I see you've started something new that I don't fall in love. lolol! Sure, throw my name into the hat for the giveaway. I have various things I could put in with the loot too. So nice to be able to provide a home for another stitcher's stash.

Donna G. said...

How fun! I love pay-it-forwards/random-acts-of-kindness!!! I'm sure I could add to the stash too! Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been knitting up a storm. I already stalk, I mean follow, you on Instagram. I love Instagram. I decided I need to try knitting a sweater. I found a freebie one on a website that is Tin Can Knits, they have it so you can learn a top down raglan. I ordered some gorgeous yarn from Knit Picks and bought myself a set of their circular needles. I got it the fastest I have ever gotten anything from them. That is a very generous bunch of patterns you got! And that is so nice of you to do the pay it forward. I would ask to get into the drawing but I have so much of my own that I should do that with it isn't even funny! LOL

Laurie in Iowa said...

Loved the story of the stash... thanks for making me smile this Saturday morning. I'd love my name to be included in your giveaway.

I'm always inspired by your knitting projects. Maybe one day I will have to go to the fabulous yarn shop in my little town and take a lesson.

Faye said...

First, your knitting is amazing Kim!!! I admire it all so much!!! I would love to be considered in this great
Pay-it-Forward opportunity... I would have a couple pay it forwards.... Thanks for chance to make my day, and others as well~ Faye

Gretchen said...

What a great way to pay it forward. This will make my mom very happy, thank you and happy stitching!

Deborah said...

Your knitting projects are beautiful! Love the yarn for the socks. I love the idea of paying it forward! Thanks for the chance. I would add some of my own stuff to it.3.

Nataly K said...

Your knitting project are lovely and I like your choice for a new stitching start I would love to be included in the pay it forward giveaway! Great idea!

Cactusneedle said...

How generous on the giveaway! I don't need more projects - I have enough to keep me busy for at least two lifetimes! lol Re the millinium frames, I recently decided to treat myself also and have received two sizes in the stretcher bars. I have a lap frame on order and am waiting for the floor stand to be available and they will ship both together. I am so excited to finally have GOOD equipment to stitch on.

Delania said...

Wow - now that is a giveaway! I am searching for you right now on instagram :) and I will pay it forward if I win your stash!

Ellen said...

Wow, so many knitting projects!

A very generous giveaway! I would love to be included in this Pay it forward giveaway, thank you!


Stitchinowl said...

What a wonderful giveaway. Please throw my name in the hat. I would be happy to do a pay it forward. Although I don't have a blog, if I win, I would pull another name from the comments on this post.....then pay it forward.

Sherry :o) said...

Count me in...what a cool idea. And I certainly can pay it forward...perhaps even add some from my stash!

Carmen Sutton said...

What a lovely way to share stash I will be telling my kids about this idea when the time comes. This idea of pay it forward could be endless if each winner simply adds a little of their stash to the box as it passes through their hands. I know that I have lots to spare.

zimmerman6565 said...

What an awesome idea! Please include me. I don't have a blog that I keep current anymore but I would pick a number from your participants to pay it forward. Have a blessed thanksgiving!

Karrie S said...

Thanks so much! I am on IG @karries3 I can't wait to follow you on there :)


M.T. Pocketts said...

Hi Kwilty Kim!

I'm just finishing up a sampler, so I definitely need more. And I love to pay it forward!

--Mary in Iowa, temporarily in San Diego

Donna Bowers said...

Wow!! What a wonderful and generous woman. I'd love to be part of the 'pay it forward'. Our church knitting ministry did that with bags of yarn from a friends mother, we've been making blankets for the crisis center, scarves for our trips into the city for the homeless, and the rest we've passed on to another knitting group. My first love is still stitching though . . . I'd love to pay it forward with that! Thanks, Kim. I've missed you, but I see you've been busy!!

Melody said...

I would like to add my name with the rest. I would be glad to add some of my charts and pay it forward again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great giveaway and I really like those socks you are making, very colorful.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

connie said...

I would love to be included in your giveaway and I would continue to pay it forward..Nice idea

MeandtheBees said...

I would love to be included and love to 'pay it forward' as well.

Jonette said...

Would love to win and pay it forward! You will love your Millenium frame. It makes stitching so much easier.

Mary said...

Hi Kim, I' so happy to have wandered across your bolg! All your knitting projects are wonderful - great colors! Ir would be fun to pay it forward.

regan said...

Don't know if I'm still in time, but I'd love to pay it forward! I have some things to add to the box as it goes, too! Thanks for the chance!

Vera said...

oHi Kim,

Love your knitting!! Wasn't going to leave a comment...I don't have a blog...but I can figure out a way to pay it forward easy=peasy. Would love to be included. Thanks!

Anne said...

Well, too bad I'm uber late with commenting...darn report cards. Anywho, what a wonderful treasure to receive! All of those wonderful charts!! I love all of your knitting and I think that BBD design will be gorgeous. I'm on instagram too...annithadoll :D So add me! I've seen loads of us stitchers on instagram!