Friday, November 29, 2013

And the winner is....#16!!!

Blogger Faye said...

First, your knitting is amazing Kim!!! I admire it all so much!!! I would love to be considered in this great
Pay-it-Forward opportunity... I would have a couple pay it forwards.... Thanks for chance to make my day, and others as well~ Faye

9:57 AM

Congratulations to Faye!  Woohoo!!!  Faye, if you can email me at kwiltykim at hotmail dot com and let me know your mailing address, I will get this box of stash moving forward on its way to you.  Thanks so much for all the kind comments!  Hopefully you will still find your own way to pay a good deed forward!  I will be back soon with more regular blog posts!  


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Faye said...

Woo~Hoo!!! I'm thrilled and I'll be emailing you next~~. Ty Ty! I'll keep this PIF Rollin!