Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Stitching In The Works

Well we all know I've been a knitting fool as of late,
but there's been a bit of stitching sneaking in again,
which is a good thing!

I thought I'd show you what's been worked on,
even if only a little!

The Big Red House - La D Da - Lakeside Vintage Navy Bean and Threads as charted 
 Every now and then I put a few stitches in The Big Red House.  
Love this one so much and I really should pay more attention to it!

Also starving for attention...

Thomas - Notforgotten Farms - Lakeside Pearled Barley w/DMC
 Thomas from Lori at Notforgotten Farms. 
Looks like maybe NEXT year he may be ready to grace the 
abode come Thanksgiving time!
We'll hold out hope!

This has been getting my stitching attention...

The 1837 Crown Sampler - Plum Street Antiques - Lakeside Linens Vintage Exemplar and a mix of threads
 I am seriously loving working on Paulette's reproduction!
She assured me it works up fairly quickly,
and I can attest to that, given the little time I've spent with it!

I am loving the subdued colors.
So mellow!

As I've been going thru the stitching stash,
I'm continuing to add to the Etsy store!
Lakeside Linens, silks, you'll never know what you'll find in there!

What are you stitching on this week?



Deb said...

It's good to see you stitching, although I've been seriously drooling over your knitting. So much so that I need to find myself a project quick because I'm jealous over seeing yours. How's the quilting coming?

Margaret said...

Gorgeous!!! So gorgeous! I'm trying to restrain myself from getting the Crown Sampler, but I have a feeling I'm going to break down. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I'm totally blaming this on you!!! I found your blog and admired your knitting. I really really want to learn how, but don't have a clue. Decided to explore your blog some. I have fallen in love with your quilting too. Must learn how....What's a person to do? Seriously I really admire your work. You are a creative and busy woman! The one thing I'm taking away is that I need to make better use of my weekends - starting this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend creating...I'm already counting down until the weekend with list in hand!

Anonymous said...

Bet you are happy to be in a warmer climate!