Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Two Birds

I had a chance to get a quick little project done
last weekend.

When we moved, I found BAGS and BAGS of batting
scraps that I had been storing in the basement.
You know, those scraps that the longarm quilter
sends home with you!

I've been using them for packing material
and did actually throw some of it away.
But then I decided to use up some of it 
and kill two birds with one stone!

New kitchen....I needed new potholders!

And so the quick little project happened!
I pulled out some colorful fabric
that I thought would work perfectly in the new kitchen
and cut 9" squares of fabric and batting
and went to town!

And, colorful, reversible potholders!
and the batting scrap stash was kind of reduced...a little.
Two birds....

Happy Wednesday!



Paulette said...

I love love love those!!! (And don't let Bre see them.) They're soooooo cute!!!!!


Margaret said...

Wow! They're so great! Ok, want to post a tutorial? I need some new potholders......

Steph W said...

Potholders are my go-to welcome home/house warming gifts. Love the fabric! It is so totally YOU!

Deborah said...

I love those potholders! They are great!

Melody said...

What pretty potholders! Good idea. Mine are rather shameful now that I think about it.