Friday, August 09, 2013

Let The Weekend Begin!

My weekend is kicking off early!

So many things vying for my time
and attention!

So happy to have options....
and two and a half days!

What are YOU doing this weekend?



Margaret said...

Ooooooh, nice!!!! I've started that Dear Jane BOM we both signed up for! lol! I hope I keep going. It's been so long since I've machine pieced. Yikes! I'm also knitting on that stole you're working on. Love it! I just started the orange. :D

Melody said...

Good for you on your long weekend ahead. I *sigh* have to work on Saturday but at least only 1/2 a day. To make it worse my hubby is off today, so he's going to go out with his photographer friend and shoot pictures. Oh well. Here's hoping your weekend is filled with fun, and my work Saturday goes by quick. :)

Melissa said...

That cloud looks to be a heart - do you see it?

Lots of lovely projects, and that pool! Although it's Sunday now, I hope you have been having a great weekend!